Dec 5, 2016

Don't Let Pain Get In Your Way This Holiday Season (Giveaway)

I feel like I am in the thick of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Aside from that, I am also planning festivities for both my husband and daughter's college graduations that happen to fall within days of each other. We will be hosting an upwards of 40 people in our home so I have been deep cleaning and preparing like a mad woman. Seriously, I don't know how I will get through the month of December! One unfortunate issue I face from working so hard is physical aches and pain, especially in my old back. I have a bad habit of overdoing it and the end result is annoying back pain.

This holiday season, I can keep going with some help from Salonpas products. I'm a huge fan of avoiding taking any oral pain medication so Salonpas is perfect for me. They have a great product lineup to relieve even your worst back pain.

You can choose the product that suits your needs-- gel, spray, or pain patches in different pain relieving strengths. It's funny, I recall growing up that my dad always kept a box of Salonpas pain relieving patches in his night stand and often asked me to apply a couple of them to his aching back. Who new I'd grow up to use them myself.

Salonpas Lidocaine 4% Pain Relieving Gel-Patch:
  • Maximum strength available without a prescription
  • Desensitize aggravated nerves
  • Numbing relief 
  • Unscented

Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray. Just point and spray for long-lasting relief.  
Salonpas DEEP Relieving Gel contains: 3 powerful pain fighters, Camphor, Menthol & Methyl Salicylate. Provides up to 8 hours of relief in a non-greasy formula. 

I am so happy to have my supply of Salonpas pain relief products on hand for this busy time of year. For more information on Salonpas products, visit them on the web and follow them on Facebook & Twitter. I am excited to host a giveaway of the suite of Salonpas products valued at $100 for one lucky reader to win! Enter below:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is open to U.S. Residents only and will end on December 15, 2016. Must follow rules in Rafflecopter. One winner will be chosen randomly. Mom Files is not responsible for any lost or stolen prizes. Good luck!

I received product samples for review. All opinions are my own as always. 

Dec 4, 2016

$100 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway

Hooray, it's holiday time and also GIVEAWAY time! I've teamed up with a fabulous group of bloggers to bring you another great giveaway, just in time for the holidays. The winner will have a choice of $100 Amazon GC or PayPal Cash. $100 can be super helpful at this time of year. See the details below on how to enter and good luck! 
Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway  

This giveaway starts December 5 at midnight EST and ends December 19 at 11:59 PM EST. Open to residents of the USA, 18+. One winner will be randomly selected from all qualifying entries and contacted via the email they provide. The winner has 48 hours to respond or new winner will be chosen. The winner will be announced on the Rafflecopter after they have responded

Dec 2, 2016

How to Make Time for Exercise – No Matter How Busy You Are!

Exercise is so very important. Government recommendations state that all adults should take at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise, three times a week. In reality, many people do nothing more taxing that putting the trash out once a week, or making the perilous journey between couch and refrigerator.

The problem is that we all lead busy lives. Between working a full-time job and studying for a nurse practitioner doctorate degree, it’s hardly surprising that fitting in a gym session comes last on a long list of things to do. Any spare time you do have is probably spent sleeping or catching up on Netflix.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, so if you are looking at online doctoral nursing programs and wondering how you can squeeze in a training program for that half-marathon you have targeted next summer, read on for some tips.

Be Organized

Unless you are organized, you won’t be able to fit anything in, let alone a workout. Disorganized people end up wasting time unnecessarily, so don’t let this hot mess be you. Take a good, hard look at your schedule and see where there any gaps. There probably won’t be many if you work full-time, have kids to take care of, and study, but you should have a few small pockets of time you can utilize.

Once you have identified some gaps, plan your exercise schedule accordingly, so if you have a 30 minute gap between clients, make time for a quick workout in your office or go for a brisk walk to clear your head and stretch your legs.

Work Out before Work

The pre-dawn hours are actually pretty good for working out - unless you have a pathological hatred of getting up early. Personally, I like getting up early to go for a run: the streets are deserted and I can get home and showered before the rest of the house wakes up.

Five Minutes Here, Five Minutes There

Trying to fit in a 45-minute workout when you are run ragged is always going to be a tough call. Instead, break up your workouts into five-minute blocks. It’s a lot easier to fit in some squats, planks, press-ups and star jumps than it is to make time for a Pilate’s class or Hot Yoga.

Core Workout Program

In line with the tip above, develop a core workout routine that targets the main muscle groups. Squats, planks, star jumps, burpees, press-ups, etc., are all fantastic exercise. You don’t need any equipment, so you can do them at home, in the office, or even in a hotel room if you are working away from home or on vacation. Make this your core routine and everything else can be tacked on as a bonus workout.

Multi-tasking is useful when you have no spare time. Do squats while you load the dishwasher, jog on the spot while you watch Netflix, or sprint to the bus in the morning. Every little helps.

Dec 1, 2016

A Simple Guide To Dermarollers

Skin care has come a long ways in the past couple of decades. So many treatments have been developed to combat aging and improve the appearance of our skin. However, sometimes the simplest of tools works just as well and for a lesser cost. If lasers and other treatments are out of reach of your budget, there are still options available to you. Consider micro-needling with Dermarollers.

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a process in which tiny, medical grade needles are used to create micro-sized channels in the skin. They pierce the lower level of our skin where cells generate collagen and elastins to repair and replace damaged cells. These tiny channels also make the skin effectively absorb vitamin enriched serums and materials to further improve the skin.

The term Dermaroller actually refers to a manual device with a handle and a barrel on the end covered in tiny needles. It is rolled across the surface of the skin using slight pressure to create the micro channels. It also comes in a couple variations - a pen shape with a small number of needles on the end called a Dermapen or a handle with a stamp full of needles called a Dermastamp. Both are pressed against the skin and sized to treat small areas.

What are Dermarollers used for?

Dermarollers treat multiple skin conditions. By penetrating the deep layer of our skin, they promote healing and replace the damaged cells:

  • Anti-aging - Used around the eyes, lips, and forehead, Dermarollers can remove lines and wrinkles to make you look younger.
  • Stretch marks - Treatments can reduce stretch marks so they are less noticeable
  • Cellulite problems - With regular use, Dermaroller treatments can reduce or remove cellulite from the problem areas of the body, such as the thighs, arms, and even the stomach or rear end.
  • Hair loss issues - Used in tandem with minoxidil, the micro-needling process not only slows or stops hair loss, it also helps grow new hair.
  • Scar reduction and removal - With several treatments, scars can be reduced in size or even removed, depending on how severe they are.

Dermarollers vs. Other Procedures

There are several advantages to micro-needling versus other treatment methods. The most noticeable benefit is the savings. Obtaining micro-needling services at the clinic cost far less than other procedures. While you may find used laser equipment for sale on the internet, you can purchase your own Dermaroller for a mere fraction of the cost. Not only that, but it doesn't require special training to use.

Another advantage is that micro-needling reaches deep into the skin, opening up micro channels so the skin can readily absorb other products. Serums containing collagen do not work on their own, but combined with Dermarollers, the collage is highly effective as making the skin plumper and healthier.

Who can use Dermarollers?

Almost anyone can use Dermarollers. Clinics have technicians who know exactly which needle length to use for each area, making the application more successful. They apply topical anaesthetics to reduce discomfort and have access to effective serums to correct your skin issues. Some skin care problems require deeper applications, for which you should leave to the professionals.

They are also sold for personal use to be used in the convenience of your home. Just be sure to carefully read and follow the directions. Cleaning and sterilizing them before and after each use is extremely important.

Nov 21, 2016

Get Holiday Ready In Sophisticated Comfort and Style With NIC&ZOE

Today's conversation has been sponsored by NIC&ZOE

Well we have officially made it to the holiday season. It's time to deck the halls, trim the tree, and get ready to attend holiday parties and events. Of course you can't show up without the proper attire on. I have always believed in having a few higher end classic pieces in my wardrobe that can be dressed up or down and worn in multiple ways. It's the smart way to get more wear out of them. One thing that most women can agree on is that you can't ever have enough items in black. This sassy Luxe Jersey Jumpsuit is a prime example.

This Flashing Lights Cardy would look amazing over the jumpsuit
You could wear this to work in the daytime with a cardigan or business jacket, and easily transform it for a night out on the town. Just add some sparkle and bling along with some sexy heels, and you will be set! Adding a fancy belt and a dressy jacket would make for a sophisticated look. You know what makes me happy about this jumpsuit? It looks super comfortable! You can't beat looking stylish while being comfy. Also you don't have to have a super model figure to pull this look off. 

Another holiday pick is this Smokey Lines Dress.

This gorgeous dress is perfect for if you are a bit self-conscious about your mid-section like I am. All you really need with this is a nice pair of tall black heels and some glammy hair and makeup. I don't think you really need much jewelry or accessories aside from earrings and a clutch style purse. Again, this dress is perfect if comfort is important to you.

If you are looking to add some nice unique pieces to your wardrobe this winter, take a look at what NIC&ZOE has to offer. Like I mentioned earlier, I feel it's important to invest in some good garments that can be worn in different ways. NIC&ZOE garments come in many sizes including petite and plus size. Take a browse and treat yourself today! You can even purchase e-gift cards that can be used at and never expire. No lie, I am asking Santa for that Jumpsuit. I need it in my closet right away!  

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