Jun 24, 2016

How to Make Anything Taste Better With Finlandia Butter and Cheese

June is a special month.  It marks graduation, the start of summer, weddings, vacation season. But did you know that June is also National Dairy Month? Finlandia is a brand that has been crafting some of the highest quality cheese and butter for over a century. Their butter and cheese products are all-natural and do not contain additives such as growth hormones, preservatives, and dyes. All you get is pure deliciousness that you can feel good giving your family. 

Many of my family and friends refer to me as a food snob. I'm okay with that label and I think more people should be food snobs as well. Caring about the quality of your food and eating real food is important.  Finlandia Butter is made from pure, hormone-free milk, which comes from happy cows that live on family-owned farms in Finland—the greenest country on Earth.  No hidden chemicals, no factory farms—just pure, creamy goodness. Let me tell you something, Finlandia butter is perfection times 20! It's so creamy and delicious and perfect as a spread on your toast or incorporated in both sweet and savory dishes. 

I love a good omelet (or scramble as mine tends to turn into) and the addition of Finlandia butter and cheese make it extra tasty. Oh and you can't forget the crunchy buttered toast. 

When you put quality ingredients into your dishes, you will be able to taste the difference. I am currently obsessed with Finlandia's perfectly salted butter. I'm waiting on some bananas to get overripe so that I can bake up a loaf of banana bread. Oh, and I'm thinking about a nice pound cake too! 

Be sure to check out the Finlandia website and follow on Facebook for recipes and promotions. 

I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and I absolutely love this brand!

Jun 23, 2016

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water Is The Real Deal

Do you ever have a taste of something or even a scent that transports you back to your childhood? I grew up in Miami, Florida and it was very common to see vendors on the street corners selling fresh fruit, vegetables, flowers, and various goods. One of my favorite things to get was the fresh water coconuts as we called it in my culture. You would get a fresh green coconut that was sitting in a huge cooler of ice and watch the vendor chop the top off with a machete. They would then stick a straw in it and hand it to you to enjoy. There is nothing that can compare to drinking that gorgeous chilled coconut water straight out of the actual coconut. Once you have experienced the real thing, you can't have it any other way. Fast forward... I have lived in South Carolina for close to 18 years and it has been more than 20 years since I have had coconut water like I did in Miami.

I was doing some crowd sourcing on Facebook a month or so ago asking what natural food or drink was rich in potassium. One of my old friends from Florida mentioned coconut water. I told her that would be a winner if I had access to proper coconut water like I did in Miami. She told me to look for one called Harmless Harvest. She is also Guyanese so she knows I know what real coconut water is supposed to taste like. I finally got around to trying it with full hesitation. You see, I've tried about 2 or 3 brands already and I ended up pouring it out in the sink from pure disgust. I took into consideration that Harmless Harvest is refrigerated and is simply organic coconut water with nothing added. It is free of GMOs, toxic pesticides, artificial additives, and irradiation.

I poured some in a glass and was a little intrigued by the pink color. Honestly, I didn't realize that it can be that color (clear to pink). I took my first sip and guess what? I was on transported back to being a kid again. It was the real deal and what coconut water should taste like. No lie, I closed my eyes each time I sipped. I can finally have that taste back in my life all the way up in South Carolina. You can find Harmless Harvest Coconut Water in grocery stores including Kroger, Publix, and Whole Foods in the refrigerated organic/health foods section near the produce department. Check out the amazing story behind Harmless Harvest here.
The back of this t-shirt says "I'm Harmless" :-) 
Harmless Harvest coconut water is the perfect hydrating beverage to help beat the summer heat. Have you tried it yet? If you haven't, I really suggest you do!

I received product samples in exchange for my honest review. It doesn't get more honest than this.

Jun 22, 2016

Making Sure Your Big Family Holiday Goes Off Without a Hitch

Most people have family scattered across the country. Even when they’re scattered across the state, that can still mean they’re pretty out of reach. In these situations, people find that they only get to see all of their family at things like weddings or funerals.

But why wait for either of those things to occur? Why not consider making a family reunion happen yourself? Better yet, why not arrange a family reunion vacation? These sorts of vacations are very popular in America, given the country’s sheer size and potential for great vacations.

Here’s a quick guide to getting it all set up!

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Pick a suitable resort

If you’re having a family reunion, then I imagine you’re going to be with a lot of people! This can make finding the right accommodation a little tricky. For some families, it’s a simple as going to the same hotel. This usually splits them up across the building quite a bit, though. Many families will try going to different hotels in the same area.

But to make the whole thing easier, you should probably consider resorts that expect guests to come in large packs. Thankfully, there are several of them dotted all over the country! Many of them also contain a bunch of activities for everyone, if you don’t feel like arranging all of that yourself. From golf resorts to mountain range getaways, there are plenty of places tailored to family reunions. Of course, you could eschew a resort altogether and go on a family reunion cruise across the ocean!

Arrange transport

Family reunions can get pretty darn big. And, as I’m sure you know, using public transport with a lot of people is somewhat of a hassle. In fact, even using public transport alone is usually a massive hassle!
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For this step, it really depends how far you’re going and how familiar people are with the area. If it’s close enough for everyone to take a car, then that might work out for you. But if you’d prefer to keep things as smooth as possible, you might want to consider other options. For example, you could look into renting a charter bus from somewhere like GOGO Bus Charters. That’s pretty much all the benefits of public transport with none of the negatives! (Except, of course, for the fact that one of you has to drive it!)

Keep a loose schedule

A loose schedule? Surely the key to good planning is a strict schedule? The problem with a strict schedule with this sort of vacation is that it’s destined to fall apart. Sure, you’re going to have certain things on your itinerary that you want everyone to do. But with that many people, there’s simply too much opportunity for timing to be off.

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When people are catching up with family members who they haven’t seen in years, the conversations are going to be long. People are going to be very busy catching up and taking part in the arranged activities. You’ve also got to account for the sheer variety of interests. One activity is sure to enthrall some members of the family, but other members might want to move onto something else nearby. So keep it loose and fun!

Jun 20, 2016

Twitter Loop Giveaway $100 Amazon GC or PayPal Cash

I've teamed up with a group of fabulous bloggers to offer a great giveaway on Twitter. The prize is the winner's choice of either a $100 Amazon GC or $100 PayPal Cash prize. I'm sure anyone would love some extra cash for the summer. Go enter now! 

All rules are here.

Jun 17, 2016

How I Learned To Go Out And Live Freely With Impressa #TriedImpressa

Today's post is sponsored by Poise, but all opinions are my own

I don't know what has happened to me since I turned 40. I'm not the same person I was a few years ago. I feel like a new woman crept into my body and oddly enough, I feel younger in many ways. I have a lot more confidence and spunk. I really do believe that 40 is the new 20 except.... well some things have indeed changed. I have talked about it before, but didn't fully accept it until this year. My body just isn't the same. I've had 3 children. I have endless stretch marks, cellulite, and all sorts of other physical imperfections. I have accepted that those things are a part of life and heredity.

I do have one very embarrassing issue though. I love to laugh, play and live life to fullest. I just don't appreciate the little side effect of *ahem* leaking a little pee. >>insert wide-eyed emoji here<< Yep, every time I'm hanging out with my college daughters, there is a 110% chance that a lot of laughter will be had. I ALWAYS have to cross my legs and beg them to stop their shenanigans before I pee myself. They always say, "You better make sure you have your Poise". Hmmph! Well, lucky for me, I have Poise Impressa Bladder Supports.

You may recall me talking about Impressa recently. I have had the chance to test out the different sizes to find the right fit for me. Impressa bladder supports are used like you would a tampon, except they aren't designed to absorb. Instead, they help stop leaks before they happen. Check out some of the stories in the short video:

It's the season now where many of us will be spending time outdoors and you certainly don't want your LBL (light bladder leakage) to get in your way. I love walking along the beach as often as I can all summer long and Impressa is a must have! I was in Walmart recently and I found it on rollback (excluding the sizing kit).

This was a great opportunity to stock up on my size. After trying all 3 from the sizing kit, I found that size 1 is what I needed.

I carry Impressa with me in my purse, beach/pool bag, and my travel bag. It has really helped me feel like I can laugh, play, and truly live freely. Be sure to stop by your local Walmart store and look for Poise Impressa Bladder Supports on the feminine product aisle. Start with the sizing kit so you can figure out which size works best for you.

Now you can laugh, jump, sneeze, cough, and play without fear of leaks. I encourage you to give Impressa a try to see if it works for you. Hey, it's cheaper and less embarrassing than going to the doctor. I'm glad it works for me. Have questions? Go to the FAQ's section and learn more.

Have you tried Impressa?
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