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A brand new look for Momfiles

I am so excited that after so many years, Momfiles finally got a fresh, new look! I really wanted something very simple with a tiny pop of color. I am so happy with it. A big thanks to Kreated by Kelsey for hooking me up with the new look. She's awesome!

So what do you all think of it? I still have some things to clean up so ignore the obvious broken bits.


Brie's new look and my 700th post!

Here is a new photo of Briahnna without her glasses. At first I did not like it. I have been used to seeing her in glasses for over 5 years. It was too much change so fast. It has been over a week now and it has grown on me. I think the fact that she looks so much more grown up makes me a little sad *sniff*. Funny thing is every so often you see her pushing her "glasses" up higher. Of course there are no glasses to push up! It's out of habit. One thing she has been enjoying is wearing her cute new sunglasses when we go out :)

Shelly, Mom Files

A big thank you to YOU!

I know you are wondering why we are thanking you. It is because of all the feedback you have given us on our new look. Whether you commented through the blog, Twitter, Facebook or personal email it has been greatly appreciated. We really weren't sure what our readers might think since it is so bold and different from what it has been over the past couple years. However, it seems to be unanimous that everyone likes the new look and it is here to stay! Of course we couldn't have done it without two talented young mommies, Sheena from Mommydaddyblog for designing the logo and Jen from Keep it Classy, Jen for making our header. If you are looking to spruce up your blog then I would certainly recommend either of these awesome ladies! We are so happy with the look of the blog and it really is what we envisioned when we started Momfiles.

We wish you all a fantastic weekend!!!

Vent Day Wednesday, um not really

Well we know that today is Wednesday. We know how very much you look forward to watching us act foolishly. Sorry, since I had my dental issues it would not have been pleasant to show my swollen cheeks on camera. If you need your Dwayne fix then you can click above this post to view our VDW videos. If you are anything like Dwayne then you might just find yourself laughing at them hysterically even after numerous times. Gosh I hope none of you are like him!

On another note we have updated our blog to give it a little edgy, sexy look. Our header was done by Keep it classy, Jen What do you think? We want honest opinions even if they are negative. We can take it, I promise! Who knows, if you say something bad I might have to have Dwayne put you on blast on the next video (kidding!). We just appreciate your input. Holla at us in the comments!
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