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Jul 7, 2013

A brand new look for Momfiles

I am so excited that after so many years, Momfiles finally got a fresh, new look! I really wanted something very simple with a tiny pop of color. I am so happy with it. A big thanks to Kreated by Kelsey for hooking me up with the new look. She's awesome!

So what do you all think of it? I still have some things to clean up so ignore the obvious broken bits.



  1. Your blog looks terrific!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. I like the new look Shelly! It's nice and bright. I'm working on changing my blog too.

  3. beautiful! the yellow and grey go so well together.

  4. Very nice. Love that you have so much more open space. I'm over due for a new design but to lazy. LOL

    1. Thank you! I was being lazy for way too long. I am enjoying the airy feel of it.

  5. I love it! It's very fresh and clean and alot more space...Happy Blogging!

  6. I like! The yellow brightens things up a bit.

  7. It looks GREAT! Lovin' the chevron. I was SO not expecting the new look at all. Like I said, I almost jumped out my seat, ROFL!


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