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Brie's new look and my 700th post!

Here is a new photo of Briahnna without her glasses. At first I did not like it. I have been used to seeing her in glasses for over 5 years. It was too much change so fast. It has been over a week now and it has grown on me. I think the fact that she looks so much more grown up makes me a little sad *sniff*. Funny thing is every so often you see her pushing her "glasses" up higher. Of course there are no glasses to push up! It's out of habit. One thing she has been enjoying is wearing her cute new sunglasses when we go out :)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Pascha Dudley8/13/2010 7:27 AM

    She looks beautiful as always. Oh Shelly, she certainly looks more mature.

  2. My gosh Sheliza she really looks grown here. She's lovely

  3. Briahnna is such a beautiful young lady and, the best part is that I know (because of who you are) that she is just as beautiful inside.

  4. Brie looks beautiful!!!! I love it.

    I agree, definitely a more "mature" look. With the glasses she was pretty in a "cute," little girl way. With the glasses she is pretty in a young lady kind of way.

  5. Happy 700th post!

    She is beautiful! So glad you're getting use to her new look. Its hard to watch them grow up, isn't it.

  6. She looks so cute! Don't worry, someday she'll revert back to glasses :). I remember when I entered high school, everyone who wore glasses switched to contacts. By my junior year, I switched back to glasses because I was tired of the maintenance involved with contacts.

  7. I agree with Sheena. I begged for contacts and then soon tired of them within a few years. Either way she's a beauty!

    Hugs and Mocha,

    p.s. This was a great post for #700!


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