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Aug 23, 2012

Why hydration is important

I made the most ridiculous mistake this weekend when my family went away on a getaway. I knowingly did not drink any water (besides maybe a few ounces) for about 3 days. As a matter of fact, I pretty much didn't drink a lot in general on those days. I normally drink a minimum of 60+ ounces of water daily. My body totally showed me how bad I had been. I suffered from several muscle spasms in my feet and a lot of aches and pains throughout my body. I got so consumed in all the activity that was going on and the weather was unusually cool, so I completely neglected to hydrate like I should have. I think being at an indoor water park made me not think about being thirsty. Needless to say, I had to get back into the practice of proper water consumption and have incorporated a banana and 2 servings of orange juice into my daily diet. I have learned my lesson, the hard way. I will do my best to never make that mistake again!

Does your body do crazy things when your diet is off?

Shelly, Mom Files

Jun 6, 2010

This has never happened before

The strangest thing happened this morning. Brie was coming up the stairs and she has just gotten out of the shower so her wet hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She was coming to have me blow dry her hair and straighten it with the flat iron. Now Brie is William's absolute most favorite person that walks the earth. When he saw her he hid behind me in fear. He saw her and he started crying as if she was a stranger invading his home. I only see him react this way in front of people he does not know. How could this be?? For about 20 minutes he would not go near her and showed fear towards her. Brie sat in a chair in front of me so I could get started in blow drying her hair and half way through he recognized his sister again. He went on to being his usual rambunctious self and was handing over books for Brie to read to him. Once her hair was completely done he was laying all over her and climbing on her like normal. This was some very unusual behavior and we are thinking it might be because for the last week the girls have had friends over each day. There was a new person to meet daily. Perhaps he thought Brie was a new person! Have you ever encountered anything like this with your child??
Shelly, Mom Files

Mar 31, 2009

Gum + Dryer = sticky mess!!

So I was being the great mom and wife that I always am and was doing laundry as usual. I am a stickler for checking pockets and sorting colors correctly. Apparently Dwayne had a few extra items that were dirty so I kind of just threw them along with the rest of the clothes.We all make mistakes occasionally right? Well let's say I made the biggest laundry mistake EVER. I accidentally washed...not a stick of gum, but the entire pack of gum (won't say which brand cause Dwayne will want endorsement money!) and then dried those clothes with the gum and all. I had no idea I had done so. The thing that made me realize this was the bursting fresh scent of peppermint when I opened the dryer door. I panicked and checked the clothes. Thankfully everything was gum-free. I found a couple balls of gum/wrappers/packaging all stuck together and then there were some long blue streaks all over the inside of the barrel. I just knew it would take all day to get that sticky gunk out. Luckily I utilized the beautiful thing we have called the Internet and found a way to remove the gum. It took all of 10 minutes total and now my dryer is as good as new!

Of course now the kids and Dwayne have been giving me the hardest time. It will probably be months before they let this one go. I'm just so glad it all worked out and yes, I will double check pockets like I usually do!

On another note, there will not be a VDW video tomorrow. We will post a wordless Wednesday because we have loads of yard work to do (really Dwayne does). I will supervise ;)
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