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Gum + Dryer = sticky mess!!

So I was being the great mom and wife that I always am and was doing laundry as usual. I am a stickler for checking pockets and sorting colors correctly. Apparently Dwayne had a few extra items that were dirty so I kind of just threw them along with the rest of the clothes.We all make mistakes occasionally right? Well let's say I made the biggest laundry mistake EVER. I accidentally washed...not a stick of gum, but the entire pack of gum (won't say which brand cause Dwayne will want endorsement money!) and then dried those clothes with the gum and all. I had no idea I had done so. The thing that made me realize this was the bursting fresh scent of peppermint when I opened the dryer door. I panicked and checked the clothes. Thankfully everything was gum-free. I found a couple balls of gum/wrappers/packaging all stuck together and then there were some long blue streaks all over the inside of the barrel. I just knew it would take all day to get that sticky gunk out. Luckily I utilized the beautiful thing we have called the Internet and found a way to remove the gum. It took all of 10 minutes total and now my dryer is as good as new!

Of course now the kids and Dwayne have been giving me the hardest time. It will probably be months before they let this one go. I'm just so glad it all worked out and yes, I will double check pockets like I usually do!

On another note, there will not be a VDW video tomorrow. We will post a wordless Wednesday because we have loads of yard work to do (really Dwayne does). I will supervise ;)


  1. Giving YOU ahard time?! You're just the one who follows up to make sure THEY did THEIR job! No one giving Dwayne a hard time on this one?

    I'm officially doing it for you... Dwayne! What were you thinking? An entire pack of gum? You didn't know it was still in the pockets? You didn't miss your gum and wonder where it was?!

    k... that's enough for now.


  2. I lucked up the other day and found a few dollars in the washer after washing my child's clothes. I asked him and he said he didn't know where they came from. But I know the day before he was with his dad. They always stick a few dollars in his pocket to put in his wallet. I just put it in the car and save it for after school snacks.

  3. Id say Mr. Dwayne is very very lucky that nothing was ruined!!!!

  4. Thank God nothing was ruined and I agree with the other commenters...Dwayne should be the one being ragged on about this.


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