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May 26, 2020

Spruce Up Your Walls With Canvas Prints From Canvas Champ

Today's post is sponsored by Canvas Champ. All opinions are my own. 

Can you believe that we are heading into yet another month of staying at home? While many states have opened back up a lot of businesses, some people are still choosing to stay home a bit longer. We have been taking this time as a family to work on numerous projects around the house. We have tackled everything from cleaning out closets and drawers, to repairing little things that are manageable, and even starting a vegetable garden. When you are home it seems like the projects and work never ends.

There have been holidays that have come and gone in the past couple months, and now we are in graduation season with Father's Day coming soon after. Celebrations are being done in very different ways. My husband graduated earlier this month from his MBA program, and his college did a virtual graduation. He got fully decked out in his cap and gown to watch the ceremony. Although it was a bit odd, it really went nicely and we did our own iPhone photo session with the graduate afterwards. We had to make do with the current at-home situation and ended up having a fantastic time.

One of our traditions each time a family member graduates is to take a photo of them in their cap and gown and have it turned into a canvas print. Canvas prints are a great way to display your important memories and definitely jazz up a plain wall. Canvas Champ makes it easy to upload your images and order a variety of sizes of canvas prints. You can even do multiple canvas prints to make a gallery wall.

The ordering process is super simple, and takes only few minutes to do as long as you have your images picked out ahead of time. Since we are all spending so much more time at home, we might as well have nice things to look at each day. Father's Day is coming up next month, and I am certain any dad would love a canvas print of his kids for his home or work office. I know my husband would!

If you are considering sprucing up around your house a bit, I recommend canvas prints since they are affordable and are a nice way to display your favorite memories. They come with the mounting hardware, so all you have to do is hang and enjoy! So open up that photo gallery and get those moments turned into a beautiful piece of art.

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