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Common Symptoms and Causes of Migraine Headache

Migraine is a common problem that is faced by many adults (sometimes even kids) in our country. Migraine is an extreme headache problem that causes nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. This headache can last from a couple of hours to 2 days and sometimes even much longer. Although the reason behind these migraine attacks is not confirmed by the doctors, they say that these headaches occur due to change in the flow of blood to your brain and the genes from your parents.
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People sometimes tend to get confused between normal headaches and migraine headaches. Not knowing the difference between headaches and migraines, one does not get proper medication from the doctor and thus, suffers a lot. While in headaches, one experiences a dull and overall pressure throughout the forehead or scalp. Whereas, while in migraine, one experiences a sharp and intense pain on one side of their head along with nausea, blind spots, and vomiting.

Here are some of the common symptoms that tell us we have a problem with migraine:

  1. You may experience the symptoms a day or two before the actual migraine pain. Symptoms like irritability, stiffness in the neck, fatigue, and depression can sometimes indicate that you are going to get migraine headaches soon. You can start the medication at the earlier stage to avoid extreme conditions.
  2. Other symptoms may include sensitivity to smell which causes nausea and vomiting.
  3. You also start getting irritated from bright lights and your vision may also get blurred.
  4. You may even feel the tingling sensation in your arms, legs or face. 
  5. There might be a loss of appetite as well.
  6. You may experience this headache once in a month or two but if not treated properly, the number may increase to you getting migraine headaches 3-4 times a month.

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Although it may seem like the migraine headaches are not in your hands and may occur whenever they want. But if you notice, there is a pattern and signs that lead to the headaches. You can contact your headache doctor and tell them about your symptoms so that he can start with the proper medication. Here are certain things that trigger something from within and cause migraine:

  1. Sometimes a change in weather can disrupt the flow of blood and cause severe headaches. Change in temperature does not suit everyone and can cause many health problems, migraine being one of them
  2. Stress is one of the major reasons that cause migraines. All of these things; stress, anxiety, and migraines are interlinked with each other. When you are stressed or too depressed, your brain releases the chemicals that lead to migraines.
  3. Some food products may also be responsible for triggering a migraine. Sometimes food containing nitrates may also be responsible for your migraine. Getting too addicted or even withdrawing from caffeine may change the flow of your blood vessels and cause headaches. 
  4. Certain habits like excess of smoking or drinking alcohol can cause regular migraine headaches.
  5. Sudden changes in your diet or lifestyle can also be the reason for your problem.
  6. Some medications can also disturb your blood vessels and cause this problem of migraine headaches.

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Getting an eye exam

Yesterday afternoon I booked an eye exam appointment for the husband. I have noticed that he has been having a very hard time focusing and squints a whole lot every time he is on the computer, Blackberry, reading or even looking at everyday things. We both grew very concerned that there was a possibility he might need eyeglasses. Enough was enough so off we went to get his eyes checked. Funny thing that it turns out that his vision is perfect. Isn't that something? Dwayne was just suffering from eye strain. The doctor wrote a prescription just in case for night time eyeglasses but did not see the need (right now) for him to wear glasses. This was really good news. So now it is all about making some adjustments to help ease the eye strain. First thing I made him do was buy some sunglasses. I am a firm believer in wearing them at all times when I am outdoors, even when it is overcast. The next thing will have to be less time of the computer since he has to be on it all day for work. I think the smartphone is a culprit as well. I am just glad that we took the time to have his eyes checked to be sure. After all, we only have one set of eyes for life and we better do what it takes to keep them healthy.

Have you ever suffered from eye strain? What steps did you take?
Shelly, Mom Files

Briahnna update

I posted a couple days ago about taking Brie to the doctor for her headaches. As I expected, she did not have any signs of headache in the doc's office. The doctor checked her blood count and pressure and both checked out perfectly. She changed one of her allergy medications to Periactin. She says it is an antihistamine and is also used for a variety of ailments in children including chronic headaches. The downside of this medication is the sedative effects and it increases appetite. The doc says her body will get used to it and she will not be drowsy after a while as well as she should not have any significant weight gain. Poor kid walks around like a zombie and eats like a football player. I guess I will just have to keep some fresh fruit on hand and stock up on some relatively healthy snacks. Bless her little heart she is determined to deal with it and so far her headaches have been mild to non-existent. I just want my child to be well. I have breathed many of deep sighs in the past weeks. Thanks to everyone who showed concern and gave advice. What would I do without my blog buddies?!


Random things in my head

I have not been posting in normal Shelly fashion because I have been pretty consumed in a lot of things. Dwayne and I painted my office over the weekend so it took up a lot of time. I went from a creamsicle orange (used to be Chardie's room) into a color called green tea leaves. I really love it and my office finally looks like a grown-up works out of it! My office was smelling of paint so I looked up ways to get rid of the scent. There were so many things I could have tried but I went with the cracked open window and a container of coffee grinds. It worked! Now I have the scent of coffee stuck in my brain but I will take that over paint any day.

Briahnna has been suffering so badly from excruciating headaches. They are so bad that she lays on the couch all day and doesn't even change from her pajamas. She has been on the allergy shots for 2 months now and the ENT Specialist says to give it time. Well when you can see the veins in your child's head throbbing then giving it time just won't cut it. I made an appointment with her pediatrician for today and I am going to beg her to do some blood work to check to see if there can be something else ailing her besides the allergies being the culprit to the headaches. It breaks my heart like you would not believe when your child is so engrossed in pain and there is nothing you can do and no pill that helps. My mind has been taken over in anguish thinking about my girl. I am hoping the doctor can help her. She has suffered way longer than anyone should.

Okay, that's it for now. I will post an update once we get some kind of answers. Chances are she will feel just fine once she steps foot in the doctor's office *sighs*
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