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Getting an eye exam

Yesterday afternoon I booked an eye exam appointment for the husband. I have noticed that he has been having a very hard time focusing and squints a whole lot every time he is on the computer, Blackberry, reading or even looking at everyday things. We both grew very concerned that there was a possibility he might need eyeglasses. Enough was enough so off we went to get his eyes checked. Funny thing that it turns out that his vision is perfect. Isn't that something? Dwayne was just suffering from eye strain. The doctor wrote a prescription just in case for night time eyeglasses but did not see the need (right now) for him to wear glasses. This was really good news. So now it is all about making some adjustments to help ease the eye strain. First thing I made him do was buy some sunglasses. I am a firm believer in wearing them at all times when I am outdoors, even when it is overcast. The next thing will have to be less time of the computer since he has to be on it all day for work. I think the smartphone is a culprit as well. I am just glad that we took the time to have his eyes checked to be sure. After all, we only have one set of eyes for life and we better do what it takes to keep them healthy.

Have you ever suffered from eye strain? What steps did you take?
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  1. I'm glad his eyes are just great. But I'm with you about wearing sunglasses all the time. I wear glasses so I got the overrx ones.

    They are amazing and have helped me so much with the glare and etc.

  2. I'm happy it didn't turn out to be that he needed prescriptioned glasses! Wow, I had no idea eye strain could be that serious.

    Great idea to protect your eyes with sunglasses all the time!

  3. Glad it turned out to be just eye strain but make sure he takes care of himself and lets the eyes rest.


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