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Happiness Is A Choice

I'm very certain that regardless of where you live, you are aware of the craziness all around. I am not making this post about anything in particular, but I will say that I CHOOSE happiness every single day. My peace is important to me. If I am a wreck, I can't be a good wife, mother or friend. My son depends on me being 110% since I have a big role in his education. I have certain feelings that have been brewing like a raging storm inside of me. I am choosing to channel that energy into action. I will remain the friendly and loving person I am. I will continue to teach my children that there is so much goodness in the world. I will have fun dates with my husband more often because frankly, he keeps me from going over the edge. I will also laugh and smile even more. 

I know it seems easier said than done to be happy, but truly it is a choice. I'm not as spiritual as most people I know, but I do have faith that everything is going to be alright. Heal yourself and choose to spread love and happiness all around. Thanks for reading. Have a grand week! xoxo


Vitamins make me tired

About three weeks ago I decided to take it upon myself to do something good for my health. I realized that I will turn 40 this year and my body might need a little extra calcium and iron. I started to take a supplement that contained calcium, magnesium and zinc all in one. I also took a slow-release iron pill.
What I did was take one of each, every other day for a total of 4 times. Why only 4 times? It turns out that the combination of vitamins were exhausting me to the point that I had to take multiple naps each day and didn't want to cook, bake or do anything I enjoy. I was tired beyond tired and that is unlike me. I am a very high-energy person and I knew something was wrong. I decided to stop taking the supplements and drink a ton of water. Wouldn't you know that within 4 days, my energy came back and I felt like myself again! From now on I will use the right food as my supplement. I have never been able to take vitamins in combination because they do wonky things to my body. If I take a multi-vitamin, I will end up with flu-like symptoms. Crazy, huh?

Have you ever experienced anything like this before?
Shelly, Mom Files

Chili Lemon Pistachios from Sincerely Nuts, YES please!

Since me and my husband have been eating healthier foods and getting our exercise in regularly, we have had to be very creative with our snack choices. One of our favorite go-to snacks is fruit or nuts. I received a bag of Sincerely Nuts pistachios in chili lemon flavor to try out. My first impression was, "Wow, those are some HUGE nuts!" I don't think I have ever seen such big pistachios before. They were packaged in a heavy-duty, sealed plastic bag with a zipper closure for freshness.
I popped open the first nut and tasted it. I liked the subtle chili lemon flavor with a not too salty bite. The nut itself had that natural sweetness that pistachios normally have. I then end up tasting almost 1/4 of the bag! They are hands-down the best tasting and highest quality pistachios I have ever eaten! Even my husband loved them and he is not into flavors besides lightly salted or unsalted.
Some facts about Sincerely Nuts Pistachios:

They are cholesterol free, a good source of dietary fiber and protein, they are gluten-free and do not contain trans-fats. Sincerely Nuts provide the best grown pistachios that have no additives or preservatives as well.
Sincerely Nuts offers many varieties of Premium nuts, seeds, dried fruits, snacks and more. Right now through Aril 26th, Momfiles' readers can receive a special discount of 10% off any purchase of $40 or more using the code: MOMF10

We really enjoyed these pistachios and we think you will too! Sincerely Nuts products are great to have delivered to your home or as a gift for friends, family or business-related connections. Join Sincerely Nuts on Facebook and Twitter for product information and discounts.

I received a product sample for review purposes. All thoughts/opinions are my own as always. 
Shelly, Mom Files
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