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Happiness Is A Choice

I'm very certain that regardless of where you live, you are aware of the craziness all around. I am not making this post about anything in particular, but I will say that I CHOOSE happiness every single day. My peace is important to me. If I am a wreck, I can't be a good wife, mother or friend. My son depends on me being 110% since I have a big role in his education. I have certain feelings that have been brewing like a raging storm inside of me. I am choosing to channel that energy into action. I will remain the friendly and loving person I am. I will continue to teach my children that there is so much goodness in the world. I will have fun dates with my husband more often because frankly, he keeps me from going over the edge. I will also laugh and smile even more. 

I know it seems easier said than done to be happy, but truly it is a choice. I'm not as spiritual as most people I know, but I do have faith that everything is going to be alright. Heal yourself and choose to spread love and happiness all around. Thanks for reading. Have a grand week! xoxo


What comfort knowing what I know

This morning Chardie, William and I went for a walk around our local shopping area before it got too hot. It was nice and quiet since most of the stores had not yet opened. Since Brie has been gone all week on her Washington trip this has given Chardie and I more one on one time. We were walking by Bath and Bodyworks and Chardie comes out of nowhere and tells me that if anything ever happened to me and her dad that William would have to go with her. He would not have any choice. That melted my heart in a way that unless you were in my shoes you would understand it fully. To know that big sister would willingly step up in that way is priceless and brings me so much comfort. I love my sweet children. ♥
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