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Clean the old-fashioned way with Brillo

I can remember ever since I was a little girl, there was always a box of Brillo Steel Wool Pads in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink. Some things never change. Brillo pads have helped to keep my pots and pans, grills, roasters and many other things, super clean and sparkling for decades. I received a couple items from Brillo to test out including the original Brillo pads and some Estracell Sponges. Of course I have had a lot of experience with the original steel wool pads, but the Estracell Scrub Sponge with the Wedge Edge was new to me. I admit that I have seen it many times in the stores before but was scared to try it because of the way the sponge looked. I know it sounds silly but I thought it would be cheap. Boy, was I wrong! One of the first things I noticed was the unique wedge shape. It makes getting into corners easier. The best part about the sponge was how well it made my dish soap suds up. I have used premium sponges in the past that no matter how much dish soap I would use, there was very little suds. The sponge is very durable and rinses clean. I like the fact that it air dries fairly fast too.

You see the pan in the photo below? I have had this pan, along with a few pots that match for over 18 years. Brillo pads work brilliantly to keep the stainless steel surface clean and shiny. Trust me, I use my cookware daily and I can see my set lasting me many more years. You just can't go wrong with a trusted brand that has been around for almost 100 years!
Do you use any Brillo products? Be sure to check out Brillo on the web, Facebook and Twitter.

I received product samples for review purposes. All thoughts/opinions are 100% mine as always.

Shelly, Mom Files

Look what I won!

I just had to share my latest tech gadget that I won from a Twitter contest that was hosted by Brillo for Father's Day. I got a brand new Kindle Fire with a case/stand! I think I might be in love. I have been talking about getting one of these and I am still in shock that I ended up winning one! A HUGE thank you to Brillo for hosting this contest. I am a VERY happy mommy! Please be sure to follow Brillo on Twitter and Facebook for updates on Brillo products, cleaning tips and more!

Please leave me any app recommendations or tips so I can get the most out of my new favorite toy. Thanks :-)
Shelly, Mom Files
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