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Vitamin D Deficiency Update

Over three years ago, I had some lab work done at my doctor's office and it was discovered that I was vitamin D deficient. My doctor explained that this is very common in people of color and that our skin simply does not absorb vitamin D easily like a fair skin people. The normal range you should be in is 30-100. I was coming in at 12.5. I was placed on a high-dose supplement for 12 weeks and was rechecked. I then came in at 21, but my physician was not happy with that and recommended that I take a daily 5,000 IU D-3 supplement. 

I have been doing that for a full year and would notice a difference in how I felt if I skipped a few days to a week. Since taking the vitamin D supplement, I have felt a lot more energized. Also a lot of odd issues I was having like leg or foot pain, depression, and a few other things seemed to have lessened or ever disappeared altogether. It is amazing how your vitamin D level can affect your overall health. 


I went in last month for my annual physical including labs and my results were amazing. Everything came back normal and my vitamin D level is currently at 50! That is a HUGE improvement and proof that the supplement does actually work. I have even noticed my hair, nails, and skin look even healthier. I have been taking the brand pictured above that I purchase at my local Kroger store, but any kind will do.

If you find yourself feeling sluggish, depressed, achy or just off for no reason, chances are you might be vitamin D deficient. It won't hurt to try a supplement, even at a lower dose to see if it helps. I had such great results and figured I would share it with you all. Be well xoxo


  1. I went to a womens holistic conference and this was recommended for every woman. I take the same brand that you take and have also noticed a difference. They say Vitamin D acts like a hormone.

    1. Glad it helps you too. It is amazing how one tiny thing can make such a big difference! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I was Vitamin D deficient also.
    Taking the supplement made a mega difference!
    I am done with the prescription and now taking 1000 units(mgs?) a day.
    I will be sure to stay on top of this.
    Thanks for a much needed post.

  3. Also my cholesterol and thyroid was helped.


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