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Feb 24, 2017

Food Is Fuel: Easy Ways To Boost Your Nutrition

We all know what kinds of foods we need to consume to live healthily. But life isn’t perfect- sometimes we’re busy and make choices that aren’t the best due to convenience. Other times we might make bad decisions due to emotional issues- who hasn’t reached for a big bar of chocolate at the end of a stressful day at one time or another! It’s all a balancing act, it’s fine to indulge in the things you enjoy now and again. Just make sure you’re getting the good stuff into your body too. Here are a few ways you can go about it.

Add Salad To Everything

The great thing about salad is it’s versatile and goes with most things. Having a sandwich or burger? Pile on the salad. Pop it onto the side of your plate at dinner time, or if you’re having a meal that it really doesn’t work with it, have it as a starter. It’s fresh, crisp and delicious- an easy way to get another one of your five a day at both lunch and dinner. Skip the heavy, creamy dressings which will be high in fat and calories. Create simple vinaigrettes instead: olive oil, honey, mustard, and vinegar make a delicious combination which is perfect for livening up a salad. Don't just limit yourself to boring old iceberg either. Experiment with different mixed leaves, and add extras like pickles, olives, and jalapenos for a tasty kick. Put some red and white cabbage through the grater attachment on your food processor along with some red onion and carrot for a delicious slaw. You can eat this as it is, or mix some natural yogurt with mustard for a tangy alternative to mayo.

Take Supplements

As well as a healthy diet, a supplement is like an insurance policy to make sure your body isn’t missing anything that it needs. You could check out AlgaeCal reviews if you were after a calcium supplement, this is especially useful if you’re vegan or dairy free. You could take a vitamin capsule or blend which is specifically targeted to your gender and age group. Vitamin C effervescent tablets are popular too. Work out if you’re likely to be lacking anything in your diet and go from there.

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Drink Your Nutrients

Smoothies and homemade juices are a fantastic way to give your body a hit of nutrition. Not only do they taste great but they’re easy to consume, perfect if you’re not massively keen on certain ingredients but want the health benefits of them. They make a great breakfast, especially for those who struggle with traditional breakfast foods. To make life easier, chop up all of your fruit and then portion it into sandwich bags. Pop in the freezer, then you can take one out and empty it into the blender whenever you want a smoothie. Much easier than messing around chopping fruit every time. Add some fruit juice or almond milk to get the mixture going, and add other ingredients of your choice to boost it. Goji berries, spinach, beetroot, and avocado all work well. Added to the base smoothie, you can’t really taste them with the sweetness of the fruit but still get the health benefits.


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