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Hey mom, what's for dinner?

This has become a question that I cringe when I hear it. I am going through a loss of creativity when it comes to cooking dinner in recent weeks. The teenagers go through phases of where they eat like models and then other times that they eat like football players. This can mean that either I cook and the food wastes or they want to eat everything other than what I cooked. I ask my husband every time I go to the store~ "Do you want anything?" The answer is almost always the same... "No".  When I ask the family for suggestions on what I should cook it seems like no one can come up with anything realistic. We all get tired of chicken, fish, shrimp.... One wants pasta and the rest feel ill at the thought of pasta. I myself love vegetables...all kinds. The rest of the family doesn't always care for what I like. What to do?? *DEEP SIGH* I need some new ideas of what to make because I am fresh out. I see why so many people eat out. I know I can't be the only one that feels this way...

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  1. I live with my boyfriend who could eat me out of house and home if I would let him. He's known to eat an entire box of pasta on his own and then be hungry a few hours later. He's not a picky eater so anything I make he will happily chow down on.

    I'm not a very advanced cook so I kind of generally make the same things but I spice them up in different ways. Have you thought of marinating chicken in salad dressing? I bought an Asian sesame ginger dressing and marinated chicken breasts in it for a few hours and then cooked it...amazing! I make lemon chicken, BBQ chicken, served with cous cous or rice (and always a veggie)

    There are so many different ways to make pasta although it's easy to get tired of pasta.

    Have you thought of making chicken taco's, fish tacos, beef taco's, etc? You can make them in different ways.

    There's days where I dread cooking and I'm really not in the mood for it but then I have my days where I pour over recipes in search of something delicious.

    Hope this helps!

  2. I feel you!!!! I've been that way lately. The question makes me sick! My husband loves asking me what's for dinner. I need to put on my creativity cap.

  3. My mom complains of the EXACT same thing, so you're not alone! I really wish I could help both of you out, but alas, I'm not very creative either when it comes to new recipes O.o

  4. cracking up @ some days they eat like models, then football players

    Chase is my picky eater now, so I suspect that when he gets older he'll continue to give me a hard time about the menu choices. Bryce loves to eat and will agree to eat most everything! Derek is on this diet thing right now (lol) so he's gotten picky too.

    We frequently repeat meals as well... if its not baked chicken then its baked salmon or tillapia or a chicken caesar salad. Ive run out of ideas too! LOL

  5. Eat like models and football players!!! LOL!!! LOVE IT>

  6. You are so not alone! I am out of my freezer meal stash and no one wants the same thing to eat! One doesn't eat tomato sauce, another hates potatoes. I try to get my husband to help me and look through the cookbooks with me but it never works, lol.

  7. Oooh girl! I'm mean. I cook and you eat. That's it!

    I get that same way about not having any creativity and I start to get so anxious about it that I'll cry.
    Then I stop and simply not cook and do burritos or something quick. Or I just cook what we have!

    Have you tried doing a menu plan? I've heard it helps.

  8. It's the same here. I try to make a dinner menu in advance and let everyone pick and help create a meal of their choice, one night a week.

  9. I totally understand what you're talking about and how you feel. I'm so glad my son is a toddler -- he just eats what I say is for dinner. Sometimes he'll protest, but he'll eat it anyway.

  10. See this is a dern shame. If I was there I'd always eat :) I think you should cook for yourself and let your daughters start cooking (a little) if they dont like what you made. IT's a stage and will pass so dont stress to much and pass me their plate :)


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