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3 Incredibly Spellbinding Mykonos Villas – Luxury & Finesse Meet Traditional Cycladic Architecture

When thinking about luxury holidays that match a VIP lifestyle perfectly, then Mykonos island is among the top destinations that pop up.  Rightfully so. Mykonos has so much glam and allure to it that it only makes sense that so many celebs and A-lists favor the Island of the Winds for their summer vacations.

And, while here, they certainly have a lot of high-end mansions to accommodate their needs and exquisite demands. Here is a taste of three incredibly impressive lux villas with design and style that speak volumes about traditional Cycladic architecture and elegance.

1. Villa Groovy

Agios Stefanos area is one of the most privileged regions in Mykonos due to its proximity to the island capital – the bustling heart of Mykonos – while also being quite remote from the wild partying crowds and the after-midnight fuss.  Perched on a hillside, is a gorgeous sample of Cycladic architecture, with simple lines, whitewashed walls, beamed ceilings, cubic-shaped constructions, and all the charm and grace a holiday mansion is expected to exude.

The views? Arresting, giving the entire Aegean Sea on your plate. The spaces? Well-appointed, lavish, impressively designed, and luxuriant. The offered amenities? The most complete list possibly imagined. From a fully equipped kitchen, a private gym, and a home theatre to a wine room, posh ensuite bedrooms, and plenty of privacy-ensuring lounge, dining, and sitting areas both on the inside and the outdoor areas of Villa Groovy.  Feel like organizing a meaty BBQ evening for all of you? Or just chilling by the infinity pool with a glass of champagne at hand and unobstructed vistas of the ocean?  You may even want just to be yourself and your loved one, sharing a romantic afternoon at the stylish apartment of the upper level. Whatever your dream vacations entail, Villa Groovy will give you the chance to turn it into a tangible reality for you.

For more details, visit Villa Groovy.

2. Villa Avant-Garde

The sweeping views of the glistering sea and the glorious Mediterranean skies give Villa Avant-Garde a dashing advantage over other exclusive villas that are somewhat hidden behind hills and combo units. You now have the unique opportunity to wake up to ravishing vistas of the Mykonos coastline and sleep with sights of the most idyllic sunsets from both the inside rooms and from all around this chic mansion.

Located at the high-in-demand Ornos area, very close to all the popular beaches, as well as more isolated coves, Avant-Garde welcomes you with an open floor plan and all the modern comforts required for regal holidays for you and up to 9 more guests. Expect a fully equipped kitchen, several levels to accommodate the sleeping arrangements that best suit you, strategically designed areas to ensure maximum privacy, palatial ensuite bedrooms, private balconies, a staff room, and lots of outdoor spaces to enjoy your drink by the infinity pool, relax and unwind, or share gratifying moments with your friends or family around a BBQ.

For more details, visit Villa Avant-Garde.

3. Villa Blendy

This exquisite vacation property sits on the outskirts of the Kounoupas region, just a few miles from Mykonos Town. Being close to the vibrant night scene Mykonos is so famous for while also relishing the privacy levels you desire is a key combination for memorable holidays in the Island of the Winds.

The magnificent villa per se is an architectural masterpiece on its own. Beautifully blended elements from traditional Greek island-style design and contemporary touches add subtle luxury and refinement.  Marble, stone, wood, and rock find their place in the construction - in perfect harmony with the natural surroundings. The finesse exuded from every inch is remarkable and follows guests throughout the villa, from the five well-appointed en-suite bedrooms and the stylish living spaces to the cozy dining areas and the outdoor zones. Walk-in closets, a private church, and a fully equipped gym are among this property’s provided facilities – all designed to offer maximum comfort and privacy.

For more details, visit Villa Blendy.

About Kinglike Concierge:

Kinglike Concierge is the biggest name in the luxury property rental cosmos in Mykonos. Their portfolio of stylish villas and mansions is the most diverse and plethoric in the entire island, having well over 200 properties to serve their delectable clientele with. The property rental agency deals directly with the villa owner, making it far easier to match the right mansion with the right people, based on their specified needs. Specifically catering to the requirements of individuals with a VIP lifestyle, Kinglike Concierge has quickly become a world-class concierge service provider, ensuring their clients receive nothing but supreme-quality, all-around services, ranging from private helicopter rides and VIP reservations to private chauffeurs and personalized cruise tours.

How to Choose the Most Reliable Long Distance Mover

Moving is a major aspect of life; at one point, you will either decide or be forced to move due to several reasons such as career prospects, need for a bigger house, a new environment, among other reasons. Regardless, moving is often meant for the betterment of both you and your family. However, moving is usually an arduous and time-consuming task, which can be hard to accomplish if not done properly. This is true if you are conducting a long distance move, such as moving to another state or across the country.
Photo by HiveBoxx on Unsplash
Such a move is not only more costly, but the risks of possible damage are much higher when your belongings are being transported over a long distance. This is why such a move requires serious considerations and planning to ensure that the whole process is completed smoothly without any hitches or losses. Arguably, one of the major factors to consider when planning a long distance relocation is the moving company that you are going to hire. The success and timeliness of your move are highly dependent on the expertise and professionalism of your moving company.

Choosing the wrong moving company can not only leave you frustrated but also suffering huge losses. Your choice of moving company isn't a decision that you should take lightly. With that being said, you might be wondering how one identifies the most reliable long distance movers from the sea of moving companies claiming to be the best at what they do? Fortunately, here we are going to look at some of the top factors to consider when choosing a long distance mover.

1. Experience

As discussed earlier, long distance relocation involves a lot of risks. Hence, to ensure that these risks are minimized, you need to ensure that the company you choose is experienced in long distance moving. A company that is in the business for many years knows how to effectively and safely carry out the move. Their staff is professionally trained, and considering their experience; they are aware of the mistakes that can hamper the success of the move. They know which measures to put in place to avoid these mistakes. They will ensure that your items are well secured and are not exposed to any harm.

Also, they are aware of the legal requirements involving out-of-state moves, for example, additional licenses and paperwork.
Photo by Maxim on Unsplash

2. Licensing and Insurance

The most important factor to consider when choosing a long distance mover is to check the licenses and insurance cover the company has. You should not fear to request the mover to provide you with proof of their license. This will indicate to you that the company is legit and not just another scam off the streets. Licensing and insurance often go hand in hand.

You should find out what insurance they provide to their clients. Find out whether they have replacement value protection, which helps to ensure that your belongings are covered up to a certain amount in case of any damage or loss. It is important to note that even with the best movers, accidents can happen, so you should always be protected.

3. Get a Written Estimates

When conducting a long distance move, a verbal estimate doesn't do you any good. You should request free estimates from various companies. These estimates should be detailed and clearly show what each cost covers. A professional mover should visit your home and assess before giving you the estimate. It is worth noting that a written estimate is legally binding; hence, it provides more guarantee.

When you obtain written estimates from multiple companies, you will be able to see what each company charges for each service. This will help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

4. The Reputation of the Mover

You don't want to hire a long distance moving company without first checking what previous clients are saying about their experience with the company. In addition to requesting a list of references, you should also make use of the internet.

Sites such as Better Business Bureau and Yelp will provide you with an abundance of customer experience information. The FMCSA website is also another website to consider as it provides safety reviews.

5. Signs to Look Out For

Apart from the above factors that you should take into consideration, there are signs you should watch out for to help you identify a potential scam. First of all, avoid companies that demand advance cash payments or unusually large cash deposits. This is a major red flag.

Also, you shouldn't hire a company that makes use of a rental moving truck or a truck that is unmarked. Any serious professional and reliable moving company staff will show up with their truck showcasing the company name or logo.

If the mover insists on carrying out the planning process over the phone, including giving you the estimate over the phone and other planning aspects, then you should move on to the next moving company.

Best Places in Canada for Skiing

As USA Today notes, Whistler Blackcomb is visited by more skiers and boarders than any other resort in North America. If you want to enjoy easy access to some of the world's best slopes, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to purchase a vacation home or permanent residence among the Whistler homes for sale.
image credit

This huge resort offers everything from beginner to expert terrain across nearly 8,200 acres with over 200 marked trails, bowl, and glade zones. There are three dozen lifts, including a 10-passenger gondola that has the greatest capacity of any lift on the continent bringing 4,000 skiers from the bottom to the top of Blackcomb every hour. Plus, the resort's village is like its own city, with an outdoor skating rink, tube park, and cinema along with countless dining and shopping options.

Sunshine Village, Banff National Park

Banff National Park hosts three ski resorts along the continental divide, with Sunshine Village Canada's highest elevation resort resulting in some of the highest above-the-treeline terrains in the country. Expect spectacular vistas of the dramatic Rocky Mountains in every direction along with challenging, rugged slopes for experts like Delirium Dive, voted as one of the most extreme runs in the world by CNN Travel. It even requires avalanche gear and a buddy. If you aren't up for that much of a heart-pounding thrill, among the 3,300 acres of ski terrain there's everything from groomed cruisers to big bowls too.

Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Mont Tremblant is easily accessible for epic skiing, located 80 miles north of Montreal. Especially picturesque with its storybook feel, it's often compared to Europe's ski towns with a unique Quebecois culture. The walkable village hosts a wide range of international eateries and one of the most vibrant après-ski scenes in the region. But it isn't just about the scenery and after-skiing fun - this is eastern Canada's premier resort with 665 acres of skiable terrain across four mountains with over 2,000 feet of vertical drop. It boasts the province's steepest run with a pitch of 42 degrees providing something for the experts too.

For those that want to switch things up every once in a while, Mont Tremblant also offers ice climbing, snowmobiling, and dog sledding.

Sun Peaks Resort, British Columbia

Sun Peaks, Canada's second-largest resort, is a town of its own, 45 minutes from Kamloops in the British Columbia interior. It has three mountains that are linked, spanning nearly 4,300 acres of diverse terrain - all without the crowds that you'll find in the more popular resorts. There's truly something for everyone from beginners to the advanced, plus the grooming is impeccable. After a day out on the slopes, you'll find a long list of dining options to feed your appetite, from cheap eats to upscale restaurants serving seafood and steaks.

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Picking The Best Camera For Your 2020 Adventures

Gone are the days when only bloggers and photographers used good cameras and the rest of us relied on our mobile phones. Nowadays, everyone can be found browsing the cameras for sale to capture those special memories.

We all want the same thing: the best camera possible, with the most up to date equipment that will deliver sharp, stunning images. It is that simple. Photography is enjoying a moment thanks to social media and the rise of photoshoots for every occasion from a new baby to marking an engagement.
image credit
So, here are a few tips if you are looking for a good quality camera to record those important memories. Whether you have a big occasion, such as a big family birthday or a wedding next year, a holiday, or you simply want to capture more candid moments amongst your family, here is what to look for in your photography equipment:

First, decide which type of camera you want

Cameras come in so many different forms and sizes. The main thing to consider is what type of photos you are aiming for and how much effort you want to put in to get them.

For example, are you prepared to switch lenses to change the focus and try out different effects? Do you want to learn photography skills along the way? Or, are you hoping for a more simple point and shoot type of camera?

From DSLR cameras to film cameras, instant and mirrorless cameras, there is a wide variety on offer. So, your first task is to research what each of them is and then decide what suits you.
image credit

Think about what you will be using it for

Each family is different. Some like to relax by getting outdoors doing high octane sports and taking adrenaline-pumping action holidays. However, others prefer to stay cozy indoors watching Disney movies and playing board games!

Think about the situations you will be using the camera most of the time and therefore, what you will need from it. For example, you might benefit from an action camera that can get dynamic shots of all of your adventures, if you’re the sporty type.

Consider your budget

Rather than thinking about getting the most expensive camera in the shop because it will make you a better photographer, instead, think about what you want. Look at which features each camera has compared the next one, then think about whether you will use them.

If you are planning to take up photography as a bit of a hobby and learn more about the features as you go, you can see it as an investment buy. It makes it worth looking at cameras with more versatility. However, if you want something simple to use that just has an edge overusing your phone, then you probably don’t need to spend that much on it.

image credit

Weight and fit

Probably the most underrated feature to consider is how much your camera weighs and whether it fits in your hand. If it is heavy and cumbersome, you are less likely to use it, no matter how fancy bells and whistles it is.

However, you will be more inclined to carry it around with you - either at home or on holiday - if it is easier to transport and hold in your hands, while exploring a new place. Therefore, it is worth checking out the dimensions and weight before you buy.

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3 Best Places to Visit in Europe This Winter

If you love to travel, then planning your next trip will be almost as exciting as actually being on your next trip. (Hey, we said almost!) While many people want to travel somewhere warm and tropical during the colder months, some people are looking for their perfect winter destination. This might be picturesque snowy towns known for their ski resorts, or it might be visiting some incredible cities while they’re decorated for the season. And all of this can be found in Europe.
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Visiting Europe during the winter months shouldn’t be immediately rejected. The cities (and popular tourist spots) will likely be less crowded, flights and hotels will likely be cheaper, and there are plenty of seasonal offerings and decorations to enjoy. Holiday markets and events are common, but you’ll be able to find seasonal events wherever you go. Plus, all of the beautiful lights and decorations will put you in a happy and festive mood, and they might just make your travels that much better.

Here are the 3 best places to visit in Europe this winter:

1. Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is a wonderful place to visit in the winter because there’s so much to do during this festive time of year, from visiting seasonal markets and events to taking in all the festive decorations and picturesque scenery. If you visit in December or early January, you absolutely must check out the city’s Christmas markets at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square (but there are even more around the city). There you’ll find seasonal ornaments, trinkets, keepsakes, souvenirs, and plenty of hearty foods and drinks.

Want to experience a real-life winter fairytale? Head to the Prague Castle to learn more about the city’s history and admire some incredible art and architecture. To escape the cold, check out museums like the Kafka Museum, the Národní museum, The City of Prague Museum, and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. And when you’re done, relax with some Czech beer or a glass of wine and a big bowl of goulash.

2. Paris, France
Paris receives tens of millions of tourists per year, and the warmer months are the most popular times to visit. Why not escape the crowds and visit one of the world’s most romantic cities during the winter? Sure, it’ll be cold, but if you’re lucky, you might get to see this beautiful city covered in snow. With seasonal lights and decorations, it won’t be a sight to miss.

Besides visiting all of the usual stops in Paris like the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d'Orsay, the Arc de Triomphe, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, and Montmartre, you should also check out some of the city’s seasonal offerings. Christmas is very popular in Paris, so it’s safe to say that the city goes all out. Check out the shop decorations along the Champs-Elysées, go ice skating at the Eiffel Tower, head to one of the many Christmas markets, or see the decorations at Disneyland Paris. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, seeing all the colors and lights will surely make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Stockholm, Sweden
If you’re able to handle the much colder temps up north, then you must give Stockholm a chance. It’s another picturesque winter destination, and it’s full of exciting things to do, even in the winter. There are numerous Christmas markets to check out, but one of the most popular is the one in Gamla Stan, the city’s old town. Indulge in sweets and meats, sip some festive glögg, and take home some festive crafts and souvenirs. At night, there’s even the option to take a walking tour by lantern light where you can see the sights and learn about Swedish traditions.

For museums, you must check out the ever-popular Vasa Museum, which houses the world’s best-preserved 17th-century ship. For some great food, go to the Östermalms Saluhall, an indoor food market. And if you’re ready to get out and brave the cold again, take a boat ride or hit up one of the area’s many ski resorts.

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WonderWorks Myrtle Beach Plans Special Needs Sensory Day

Special needs children and adults in the Myrtle Beach area can have fun and learn about science at an upcoming event that was designed just for them. WonderWorks Myrtle Beach is offering a special Sensory Day event on Sunday, November 17, 2019. This event provides those with special needs the ability to explore, learn, and have fun inside the Myrtle Beach’s iconic upside-down adventure, with many of the exhibits and attractions inside the building being adapted to provide guests more comfort. Tickets to the event are $10 plus tax for everyone.

“We are excited to host Sensory Days here at WonderWorks! We continue to work closely with Champion Autism Network, Inc. every year to ensure we are providing a safe yet fun environment!” says Robert Stinnett, general manager at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach. “Our exhibits and building are altered during the events to provide limited stimulation for children and adults with special needs, while still providing a wonderful experience for all.”

WonderWorks’ Sensory Days programs aim to give those with special needs a chance to explore the indoor amusement park with modifications to help make it more comfortable for them to do so.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach has partnered with the Champion Autism Network, Inc., CAN, for this event. CAN is an autism awareness organization based in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Founded in 2012, their goal is to raise awareness about autism, and help reduce criticism, judgment, and to help families develop a network of like-minded people and supports.

To help make WonderWorks sensory friendly for this special event, guests can expect:

  • All exhibits will be altered to provide limited stimulation for children and adults with special needs.
  • The music throughout the facility will be lowered.
  • All exhibits that are generally considered to be loud will be turned off.
  • The inversion tunnel at the beginning of the attraction will be shut off.
  • The focus of the event will be to create a safe and comfortable environment and experience for guests with special needs, so they can enjoy it all without feeling overwhelmed.

“Our Sensory Events continue to grow year after year, and we look forward to continuing to provide a fun, educational experience for everyone of all ages!” added Stinnett.

WonderWorks Myrtle Beach offers 50,000 square feet of “edu-tainment” opportunities, billing itself as an amusement park for the mind. They offer over 100 hands-on exhibits covering natural disasters, space discovery, an imagination lab, a physical challenge zone, a far out art gallery, and a light and sound zone. WonderWorks is open Sunday through Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. For more information, log onto its site:

About WonderWorks:

WonderWorks, a science-focused indoor amusement park, combines education and entertainment. With over 100 hands-on exhibits – there is something unique and challenging for all ages. Feel the power of 84mph hurricane-force winds in the Hurricane Shack. Make huge, life-sized bubbles in the Bubble Lab. Get the NASA treatment in our Astronaut Training Gyro and experience zero gravity. Nail it by lying on the death–defying Bed of Nails. Conquer your fear of heights on our indoor Glow-In-The-Dark Ropes Course. WonderWorks is also home to Wonders of Magic, starring Terry Evanswood, the award-winning and longest running performer in Myrtle Beach. WonderWorks hosts birthday parties and special events seasonally. Open Sunday thru Thursday 10am-8:30pm and Friday and Saturday 10am-9:30pm.

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10 Hacks To Choose The Best Destination For Your Next Holiday

If you are a travel buff, you will probably know that exciting feeling about planning your next trip. You may have seen a lot but the bucket list keeps getting longer. It is easy to create a bucket list but hard to order it according to your priorities. Of course, there would be some places that you would want to check out sooner than later.

Photo by STIL on Unsplash
So how do you decide what your next destination is going to be? What are the factors that you should consider while making up your mind about the places to visit first? Though there is no tried and tested way to have the list ordered priority-wise, you can still follow some tips to decide the destination for your next holiday. Here are some hacks that can help you with the decision.

Start by considering your budget

First things first, you should have enough money to finance your vacation. After all, you cannot imagine traveling abroad only with a limited amount in your vacation fund. Have a complete overview of your travel budget and decide whether it can take you to a distant destination or somewhere close by. You need not splurge a fortune on a holiday and end up broke. Rather, choose an economical destination that gives you good time without toppling your budget. And if you are not willing to compromise, wait and save till you have enough for your dream destination.

Be open-minded when you decide

An alternative destination is better than no holiday at all. Rather than being rigid about your choice, be open-minded and explore places that are not as popular as the ones your friends talk about. Haven’t you heard about a place? Don’t you know that it even exists? Google is the best place to explore the most amazing destinations across the globe, all within your budget. Who knows, you may have the best holiday of your life if you are willing to just try and explore. So go ahead!

Get smart with travel bookings

When you are not really sure about fitting your favorite holiday destination in the budget, you can be extra smart with your travel bookings. Choose cheaper flights that take you through a different route. Rather than taking a direct flight, you can catch a connecting flight and save your money. Or why not fly in one that drops you to a city near your destination and take a train or shuttle to reach there? Just find the alternatives, calculate and plan a holiday to your dream destination without breaking the bank.

Find more about the shortlisted destinations

When you are not sure about where you want to go, make a list of the destinations that you would want to consider. Check online to find things to do in your area when you are actually there. Google is the best place to know more about any holiday destination, from the places to visit the ones to eat and shop. Once you have things listed out for each of the chosen destinations, pick the one you like the most.

Safety first

Of course, you need to find about all that the destination has to offer. But ensure that you check the places from the safety perspective as well. Whether you are planning a solo trip or a family holiday, keep safety on the top of your checklist. Search online and you will easily find out statistics about crimes involving tourists in specific parts of the world. Choose a place that is totally safe for travelers.

Understand your objective

Another factor that influences the choice of a holiday destination is the objective of the vacation. Ask yourself why you would want to travel to a specific place, whether it is going to be a short getaway or a long break to relax and unwind. The reason will probably make a difference in the choice of your destination. Similarly, you may want to explore a place with the idea of moving there or starting a business in the future. Another consideration that you may want to bear in mind is whether you would prefer a beach holiday or one to a ski resort.

Solo or with family

Are you planning to travel solo? Do you want an extended vacation with your loved ones? Obviously, the choice of destination will depend on this factor as well. Wellness resorts and adventure trips make the ideal choices for solo trips. On the other hand, you can choose a beach or ski resort if looking for a perfect family vacation. Whatever destination you choose, make sure that it offers all that you want and is safe as well.

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash
Avoid stereotypes

The biggest blunder that travelers make is to stick to the stereotypes while deciding the vacation destinations. Who says that you should visit only New York or Los Angeles when you travel to the US? Why just book for Paris when in France? Every country has some hidden jewels that are less popular but offer much more. Be willing to explore places that you have not heard your friends and colleagues talking about.

Trust your instincts

If a destination seems to beckon you, just trust your instincts and go ahead. When it comes to having a dream holiday, the best advice is to be selfish and choose a destination that you want to explore. If none of your friends or family members like the idea, plan a solo trip because you would not want to miss on a dream destination just because others are not keen to be there.

Don’t be indecisive

Once you have chosen a destination, go ahead and book it right away. Be decisive because indecision will just make you more stressed out and you may miss out on the opportunity to visit a cool destination. Don’t ask for too many suggestions because you may end up being confused and even drop the idea of going for a vacation. Rather go ahead and make your bookings as soon as you lock a destination that you would want to explore for your next vacation.

When you decide the destination for your next trip, do consider these hacks. After all, choosing the right place is surely going to make all the difference!

Three Reasons to Invest in the Designer Bag You've Always Wanted

There is definitely something about a designer bag that makes it such a covetable item for most women who love fashion. Bags can add a touch of high fashion class to even the most everyday outfit and can easily become one of your absolute favorite possessions. Of course, they are not an insignificant purchase when it comes to the price tag. While they definitely are worth it in terms of how long they can stay in style and be a useful part of your wardrobe, it can sometimes be hard to persuade yourself to part with the money for the bag of your dreams.

If you've been putting off allowing yourself a designer bag because it seems like too luxurious a purchase, here are three reasons why you should let yourself have that special bag you've always wanted!

It Can be a Literal Investment

No, not just in terms of the joy you'll get from owning it. A high-end designer bag not only retains a lot of its value if you decide to sell it at a later date to buy a new one, but some classic bags can actually gain value as they become valuable vintage pieces and a part of fashion history or a collection.

Of course, your main priority is to get a bag that you will enjoy while you own it, but thinking about getting a bag in an iconic style that will still be worth something if you take good care of it can be a good way to justify the price. Something chic and classic like some of the latest Saint Laurent bags from SSENSE could be just the thing. Saint Laurent bags are one of the many beautiful brands you can find to buy at SSENSE, so it is well worth browsing their collection.

It Can Redefine Your Look Like No Other Item

Your bag is something you take everywhere, and so if you want to make just one single purchase that can completely upgrade how you look whatever else you are wearing, then a bag is the thing to choose. It is more eye-catching and useful than jewelry, more versatile than designer shoes, and if you pick a classic design it will look good for all seasons.

It's Useful!

While some accessories we buy just because we love how they look, most don't really serve a purpose that one couldn't do without. You don't really need a necklace or even a watch, or a scarf or belt. You do need a bag, however, and so while you may be able to get by just fine with a cheaper one from a fast fashion brand, a designer bag is still a less frivolous fashion purchase than a lot of other accessories.

As you can see, there are some great points here that can really help to justify splurging on that stunning bag you have always wished was your own!
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5 Tips For Navigating the Nightlife in New York City

The Big Apple is known for many things, and because of the sights and sounds of places like Broadway, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, and Chinatown. There is never a shortage of things to do. Choosing New York City as a travel destination will bring you a wealth of choices on what to eat, where to stay, where to shop, what to see, and how to get there. Just when you think you can’t fit any more into your day, you have a whole new set of options for eating and entertainment after dark. Here are five tips for navigating the nightlife in New York City.

1. Choose Your Lodging

If you plan on staying in New York overnight, the best thing to do is find a fabulous place to lay your head once you have exhausted your energy. A word of warning- don’t wait until the last minute to book a room. For places like the Westgate New York Grand Central, the accommodations are both luxurious and in high demand. If you want to end your night in style, be sure to book your accommodations at as early as possible. You don’t have to visit to know that a stay here is a true New York attraction. With the ability to look at rooms and accommodations online, you can find enough on their Hotel Info page to book your room with confidence.

2. Choose Your Travel

Navigating around NYC is easy even for a tourist. If you really want the full experience, ride the subway or buses operated by the MTA New York City Transit. With easy to follow colored lines for the different sections of towns, as well as an app that can be downloaded to your smartphone, it is an inexpensive and efficient way to travel around the city. Parking comes at a premium in the bustling big city, so if you choose to skip the MTA, perhaps a brisk walk or a bike ride would be the best way to move between activities.

3. Choose Your Dinner

Going out after dark is one of the highlights of a New York City vacation experience. How else will you get the full and dazzling effect of the lights and signs hanging over Times Square? There is a reason it is called The City That Never Sleeps. If you want to catch an early dinner in order to save some room for some late-night eats and a well-deserved drink, there are plenty of options. If you choose to skip dinner and go straight into endless entertainment, you will always be able to find an authentic pizza joint or sandwich shop ready to fill your belly.

4. Choose Your Experience

There are hundreds of entertainment options out there in the Big City, and your tastes and preferences won’t be too eclectic to be met. Comedy shows, burlesque clubs, Broadway musicals, street performers, jazz clubs, and whatever else you can think of come alive after dusk. You are guaranteed to get your money’s worth when you choose to explore the stage, theatre, or performances that brighten the nightlife of New York City. Depending on the season you choose to visit, Coney Island offers amazing firework displays or you can catch a free movie in the Brooklyn Bridge Park. If your preferences desire something more sophisticated, you can head over to a trivia night at Professors Thom’s down in Manhattan or The Wolfhounds over in Queens. There is no shortage of places to both feed your belly and mind while in NYC.

5. Choose Your Keepsake

No trip or vacation is complete without some sort of memento that tells your friends and family where you had the time of your life. Most notable, Chinatown is a New York City staple when looking for the perfect, although maybe cheesy, gift or souvenir from the city. Part of the thrill is haggling over the price, but for some, the attraction is more with the dozens of shops that carry anything imaginable with a giant New York City logo on it. You can’t go back home empty-handed.

If you are wanting to get the most out of your trip to New York City, don’t just leave the excursion to daytime travel. Get out your dancing shoes, put on a party face, and check out the nightlife the Big Apple has to offer.
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10 Things Not to Miss at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach

As the summer temperatures heat up, many families will be looking for ways to keep cool. They will also want to entertain, make memories and keep their kids active. One good way to do that is to visit WonderWorks Myrtle Beach, where parents can find four levels of indoor nonstop fun, offering plenty of opportunities for people of all ages.

“Most people are familiar with the outside of our building, but they are not familiar with what goes on inside it,” says Robert Stinnett, regional manager at WonderWorks. “The neat thing is that what we offer on the inside is every bit as interesting and unique. We are here for all ages to experience laughter, fun, and joy by diving into history, science and releasing energy with our interactive exhibits!”

Here are 10 things not to miss at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach:

  1. Climb. Hit up the ropes course, where guests can test their endurance and locomotor skills as they climb over 28 different obstacles and physical activities in this 3-story indoor course.
  2. Throw. Take your chance at virtual sports, where you can find out what it’s like to pitch to a Major League Baseball player or throw a touchdown pass 50 yards to an NFL player. Virtual Sports allows you to test your athletic skills on a baseball, football, and soccer field.
  3. Ride. Take a seat within the virtual coaster with the ability to turn 360° in every direction. Hold on to your seats, while experiencing virtual physics! You can also feel the sensation of weightlessness like in outer space on the Astronaut Training Gyro Challenge.
  4. Play. Hit up the sandbox and bubble lab! Explore the depths of the ocean, a Jurassic landscape, and a wildlife safari in an interactive sandbox. Interact with various creatures with your hands and mold the sand by building mountains, volcanoes and much more! You can also create bubbles the size of basketballs, and even make a bubble big enough for you to fit inside.
  5. Learn. Test your knowledge about our world’s natural disasters. Show what you know and more from such categories as wild weather, quakes and blazes, manmade catastrophes and extreme disasters.
  6. Imagine. Enter a new dimension of reality and explore the unknown. Visit the Dr. Seuss Taxidermy, where the famous author’s creations come to life. Discover how perception and perspective are used in over 35 exhibits located throughout the Far Out Art Gallery where the unexplainable will come to life and the unusual will be the norm. 
  7. Thrill. Enjoy the 12-seat theater that takes guests on an amazing adventure that transcends times, space, and imagination by combining the 3D film with special effects and full motion. Now playing 5 different movies: Cosmic Coaster-Mild, Wild Wild West- Moderate, Great Wall of China-Moderate, Dino Safari- Wild or Canyon Coaster-Wild.
  8. Adrenaline. Take the zipline challenge, where you will soar 50 feet above water and 1,000 feet between towers. This features a constant tension system, which ensures participants a smooth “zip” with intense fun.
  9. Extreme. Check out 360 Bikes, where you will buckle into your bike and start pedaling. You will try to generate enough power to spin a complete 360-degree revolution right back to where you started.
  10. Interact. Get interactive with laser tag! This family fun game combines innovative technology to provide you with a one-of-a-kind interactive experience. The object is to outplay, outlast and outshoot the other players.

“WonderWorks is happy to support energy in motion – we want our guests to feel like each time they come to us, not only are they having a blast, they are using their mind to learn and interact physically with our many hands-on exhibits,” added Stinnett. “Make some fun family memories right here at WonderWorks Myrtle Beach.”

WonderWorks in Myrtle Beach offers 50,000 square feet of “edu-tainment” opportunities, showcasing itself as an amusement park for the mind. They offer over 100 hands-on exhibits covering natural disasters, space discovery, an imagination lab, a physical challenge zone, a far out art gallery, and a light and sound zone. WonderWorks is open daily from 10 a.m. until 11:30 p.m. For more information, log onto its site:
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10 Tips for RVing With Kids

Going on an RV trip can be a fun experience with children. You can have a great time traveling together on an adventure and also help instill a love for the outdoors in them. However, to have the best experience, it will take some planning and organization. Here are 10 tips to take note of when RVing with kids.

1. Explain That Everyone Will Have a Job
If you have children that are old enough to accept responsibilities, then you need to let them know ahead of time what they will be responsible for doing. Setting up and taking down camp in an RV takes time, and older children can definitely help.

Other tasks will need to be done as well such as taking the trash to the dumpster, making beds and washing dishes. Make it easier on yourself while RVing by enlisting the children’s help.

2. Designate a Storage Space for Kids’ Items
Kids like to bring along all sorts of things on trips, such as toys, books, electronics and games. Designate a space for them to put their belongings where they will stay neat and organized when not in use. Otherwise, the RV will become cluttered in no time. Oh, and don't forget the Car Seats!

3. Designate a Living Space for Kids
Everyone needs his or her own personal space — including kids. In RVs beds often double as dining room or living area seating. At a certain time of the evening, the space might be assigned to a child or two.

4. Let Your Kids Work With a Paper Map
Even though GPS installed in your vehicle or on your phone is the way most people navigate nowadays, it might be interesting for you to hand your children a map and ask them to highlight your route to your destination. You might need to give them a little direction on reading a map first, however.

You can also show them how to determine how many miles are between each town on the map. As you’re traveling, your children can consult the map instead of saying “Are we there yet?”

5. Have a System for Dirty Shoes or Feet
If you’re not proactive and you don’t take the time to let children now that coming inside the RV with dirty shoes or feet is unacceptable, it won’t be long until you have dirt, mud, sand and water all over the floors.

Require everyone to remove their shoes before coming inside. Keep a doormat at the entrance. Make a rule that if a child’s bare feet or dirty or muddy, they need to wash them off and dry them before coming inside. Keep a jug of water and a towel right next to the steps for this purpose.

6. Make Sure Someone Is Always Watching the Youngest Children in the Group
Never assume that someone will keep on eye on a baby, toddler or young child that needs constant supervision. Other people traveling with you might also assume that someone else is watching the child or children and that’s when accidents can occur. If you’re not able to watch your children yourself, then you need to ask someone else and get a confirmation that the person will watch the children.

7. Bring Entertainment
Although you’ll likely spend tons of time outdoors while on an RV trip, there will be times that you will be hanging out at the campsite. Bring entertaining items for children like kid-friendly board games, bubbles, movies, coloring books or arts and crafts supplies.

8. Bring Bicycles
RV campgrounds offer a great opportunity for kids to ride their bikes, so pack them. Once you get to the campground, go over some bicycling safety rules and make sure the children know where they can and can’t ride. Also, don’t forget to pack helmets.

During busy arrival times, such as a Friday or Saturday evening, you might want to keep children off their bikes until the campground settles down.

9. Do Traditional Activities
Don’t discount traditional activities. Even though you might not like eating s’mores, your children will likely be delighted to participate in this decades-old camping tradition. Other traditional activities are sitting around the campfire telling scary stories.

Or you can come up with a new tradition of your own. For example, you could plan a scavenger hunt for your children by making a list of 10 to 50 things they have to find and cross off during your trip.

10. Have a Plan for Mechanical Emergencies
Anything can happen out on the road or at a campground with your vehicle or RV, so it makes sense to have a service plan in place. Check the Good Sam website for extended service plans for your vehicle and/or your RV, which you can purchase for an affordable price. Such a plan will give tremendous peace of mind and will keep you and the children from being stranded indefinitely.

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New and Used Steel Shipping Containers on Sale - Buy One On Sale

Buyer’s guide for New and Used Steel Shipping Containers - factors to consider before you buy one on sale

assorted-color filed intermodal containers

No matter the purpose of purchasing a shipping container, like everything else getting a good deal requires you to know as much as you can about it. When trying to buy a shipping container here, it is important you get just the right one for your need. Also, you also need to get one well within your means. 

However, this will require you to be familiar with the different types and sizes of containers that there is. Their price and the other specs and features will also be considered in order to make the right choice. Here is a breakdown of the main factors to consider before you buy new and used shipping containers on sale. 

Types of Containers according to size
The most popular size options for shipping containers are the 20 footers and 40 footers. However, your options are not limited to these two. In fact, even with these two size ranges, there are also standard sizes as well as high cube containers. 

The major difference between the standard and high cube varieties is that you get one extra foot of height within the container. There may also be variations in the dimension even within the same size group from one manufacturer to the other. 

Read to learn more about buying shipping containers 

Making the choice between new and used containers

You might have probably heard the argument about whether buying a new or used container is a better choice. A new (or one-trip container as it is otherwise called) is a newly constructed container or one that has only been used to carry a cargo load to the destination at which it is to be sold. A used container, on the other hand, is one that has been used several times in the past but is still in good working condition. Some might be damaged to an extent and might simply require slight touch-ups to get it working again.
At the end of the day, the decision to purchase either a used or new container depends on how much you are planning or willing to spend. Since price varies based on how much use a container has seen, you should expect a new container to sell at a higher price compared to an old one as long as it is still in better shape. However, you might want to look into the history of an old container before you purchase especially if you are considering using it for storage or any other sensitive purpose. For example, a container which has been exposed to chemical contamination from hazardous pesticides or paints might not be palatable for certain purposes. Thus, even if it comes at a cheaper price, purchasing it is still a terrible choice. New or one-use containers, on the other hand, are less likely to be contaminated although they will cost more to purchase.

How to inspect used containers before purchase

brown and red shipping containers

This bit might not be important to you if you are going for a new container. However, for someone who is settling for an old already used one, you might need to look closely before making your purchase. Here are some major pointers to consider before you pay for that used container: 

Check for leaks: ensure that you are buying a watertight container. Look around the container and check for holes. While it is normal for a used container to have signs of wear and tears you should go for one with very minimal damage. Look around and check if you see any sign of sunlight seeping through holes in the roof or anywhere else in the container. 

Check the door: confirm if the doors open and close freely. Also, check the locking mechanisms to see if it works too.  

Check for signs of excessive corrosion: a little rust is normal on a used container. However, excessive corrosion will weaken the metal. If you detect too much corrosion on the container, it is advisable that you don’t purchase.     

Check for chemical contamination: as mentioned, chemical contamination is bad news especially if you are considering using the container for sensitive purposes. Musty, pungent or even any odd odor or any kind is an indicator that the container has been used for something of that nature in the past. This isn’t always a problem unless the chemical contaminant has left irreparable damage to the container. 

Identifying the container: one final check before you go ahead and purchase a container on sale is to identify it. To identify a container, you need to find the identification code on the body. This is an 11-digit number that consists of an owner code, product group code, a serial number, and the check digits all of which serve differing purposes. 

The first three letters of the identification code tell you who owns the container. The next capital letter is one of letters U, J or Z which represent the product group of the container. A container with letter U has the product code is a shipping container. Letter J means you can attach a piece of equipment such as a power unit for example to the container. While the letter means it is a trailer used to carry a container.     

The product code is usually followed by a six-digit serial number usually assigned by the previous owner of the container. Finally, there is a check digit which is important for cross verifying whether the identification code is correct or not.

One final question every prospective buyer asks is where to find good quality containers on sale. A simple search online will turn up quite a number of options for you. Alternatively, you can check our merchant sites like Alibaba or eBay. You should be able to find manufacturers online and you can check the various available options in order to find the best deals. Click here for more on how to where to find containers on sale online.
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IT’SUGAR Partners with Doughnuttery and Tipsy Scoop In Myrtle Beach

IT’SUGAR, the largest specialty candy retailer in the world with over 100 retail locations, announces its exclusive partnerships with Doughnuttery, an innovative, family-owned doughnut company, and Tipsy Scoop, a liquor-infused ice cream and sorbet company. Doughnuttery and Tipsy Scoop will open shops in the IT’SUGAR Broadway at the Beach location in Myrtle Beach, SC on March 9th.

Doughnuttery will provide customers with a treat for the senses as they freshly prepare their famous sugar-topped mini doughnuts live in-store. The shop will house an insanely sweet toppings bar, featuring over 25 unique sugar flavors that customers can mix and match to customize their doughnuts. Signature sugary combinations include Paris Time (Lavender, Pistachio, Vanilla, CocoMint Patty (Coco Mint Sugar), Fruity Cereal, House of Cardamom (Cardamom, Orange Zest), Speckled Strawberry (Strawberry, Rainbow Sprinkles, and Lemon-Thyme).

The IT’SUGAR Myrtle Beach location will also include exclusive toppings flavors like Beach Nuts (Old Bay classic seafood seasoning, cornmeal, and sugar), Unicorn Nuts (cotton candy, edible glitter, and sugar), and Candy Nuts (vanilla glazed doughnut topped with IT’SUGAR candy).

Tipsy Scoop’s in-store “barlour” will feature alcohol-infused (21+) ice cream, sorbets, sundaes, and pints as well as non-alcoholic options. Cocktail-inspired ice cream flavors include Dark Chocolate Whiskey Salted Caramel, Vanilla Bean Bourbon, Cake Batter Vodka Martini, Spiked Hazelnut Coffee, Spiked Mint Chip, Maple Bacon Bourbon, Red Velvet Martini, Tequila "Hot" Chocolate, and "Hot" Buttered Rum. The sorbet selection will feature flavors like Mango Margarita Sorbet, Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, and Strawberry White Sangria Sorbet. Non-alcoholic options include Virgin Shirley Temple ice cream, Virgin Root Beer Float ice cream, Virgin White Russian ice cream, and Virgin Mudslide ice cream.

Tipsy Scoop will also offer seasonal treats, with plans to debut their “Spring Break” Sundae at their new location in IT’SUGAR Myrtle Beach. The Spring Break Sundae will include one scoop of Strawberry Sangria, Mango Margarita, and Raspberry Limoncello Sorbet, served in a bowl with Sour Gummy Sharks, Runts, and Salt Water Taffy - garnished with a licorice wheel and a Beach Ball lollipop.

 If you're heading to the beach this Spring Break or Summer, be sure to check them out!
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Great Wolf Lodge's Spring-A-Palooza 2019

Great Wolf Lodge is springing into 2019 with the return of its fun-filled Spring-A-Palooza celebration. Families staying at any Great Wolf Lodge between March 16 – April 28, 2019, are sure to have a pawesome time as the resort comes into full bloom with a collection of exclusive spring-inspired events such as bubble dance parties and a special character-led tea party.  Guests will splish and splash in the 84-degree waterpark and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Along with a vibrant and colorful transformation of the lobby, here are some additional entertainment options for families to enjoy during the six-week Spring-a-Palooza event.

Northwood’s Tea Party with Violet & Friends: New for 2019, beloved wolf Violet will host a tea party on select days of the week. Violet and friends’ tea party will feature songs, dances, cookie decorating, crafts, and games. Of course, no party would be complete without a special character meet and greet.

Bubble Dance Party: This special Spring-a-Palooza event fills the Grand Lobby with cascading bubbles while Great Wolf Lodge’s Ambassadors of Fun keep energy-levels high with a family-friendly dance party.

Spring-a-Palooza Story Time: Great Wolf Lodge’s nightly Story Time takes on a spring theme with a new tale featuring the Great Wolf Lodge characters called “Natural Wonders.” Kids are encouraged to wear their favorite jammies to the Grand Lobby for this event and will have the opportunity to meet one of the Great Wolf Lodge characters in person.

Jelly Bean Guessing Game: A gigantic jar filled to the brim with jelly bean candies sits in the Grand Lobby and guests are invited to enter a contest guessing how many delicious treats are within the jar. The guests closest to the correct number without going over will be entered for a chance to win a Great Wolf Lodge Gift Card.

Spring Themed Crafts: During Spring-a-Palooza, the resort’s Ambassadors of Fun will host several spring-inspired craft-making events for kids of all ages. Character-themed crafting projects include Oliver’s Crazy About Bugs Jar, Violet’s Springtime Noodle Doodle, Brinley’s Don’t Blow Away Kite and Wiley’s Can You Spot It Binoculars.

Along with the always complimentary waterpark entry for all overnight guests, all Spring-a-Palooza events are complimentary for guests staying at the resort. A complete listing of daily activities and times can be found in the Lodge Life event schedule provided to guests upon check-in.

For more information on Great Wolf Resorts and its brands of indoor water park resorts, visit
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