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3 Best Places to Visit in Europe This Winter

If you love to travel, then planning your next trip will be almost as exciting as actually being on your next trip. (Hey, we said almost!) While many people want to travel somewhere warm and tropical during the colder months, some people are looking for their perfect winter destination. This might be picturesque snowy towns known for their ski resorts, or it might be visiting some incredible cities while they’re decorated for the season. And all of this can be found in Europe.
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Visiting Europe during the winter months shouldn’t be immediately rejected. The cities (and popular tourist spots) will likely be less crowded, flights and hotels will likely be cheaper, and there are plenty of seasonal offerings and decorations to enjoy. Holiday markets and events are common, but you’ll be able to find seasonal events wherever you go. Plus, all of the beautiful lights and decorations will put you in a happy and festive mood, and they might just make your travels that much better.

Here are the 3 best places to visit in Europe this winter:

1. Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is a wonderful place to visit in the winter because there’s so much to do during this festive time of year, from visiting seasonal markets and events to taking in all the festive decorations and picturesque scenery. If you visit in December or early January, you absolutely must check out the city’s Christmas markets at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square (but there are even more around the city). There you’ll find seasonal ornaments, trinkets, keepsakes, souvenirs, and plenty of hearty foods and drinks.

Want to experience a real-life winter fairytale? Head to the Prague Castle to learn more about the city’s history and admire some incredible art and architecture. To escape the cold, check out museums like the Kafka Museum, the Národní museum, The City of Prague Museum, and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. And when you’re done, relax with some Czech beer or a glass of wine and a big bowl of goulash.

2. Paris, France
Paris receives tens of millions of tourists per year, and the warmer months are the most popular times to visit. Why not escape the crowds and visit one of the world’s most romantic cities during the winter? Sure, it’ll be cold, but if you’re lucky, you might get to see this beautiful city covered in snow. With seasonal lights and decorations, it won’t be a sight to miss.

Besides visiting all of the usual stops in Paris like the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Musée d'Orsay, the Arc de Triomphe, Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, and Montmartre, you should also check out some of the city’s seasonal offerings. Christmas is very popular in Paris, so it’s safe to say that the city goes all out. Check out the shop decorations along the Champs-Elysées, go ice skating at the Eiffel Tower, head to one of the many Christmas markets, or see the decorations at Disneyland Paris. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, seeing all the colors and lights will surely make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

3. Stockholm, Sweden
If you’re able to handle the much colder temps up north, then you must give Stockholm a chance. It’s another picturesque winter destination, and it’s full of exciting things to do, even in the winter. There are numerous Christmas markets to check out, but one of the most popular is the one in Gamla Stan, the city’s old town. Indulge in sweets and meats, sip some festive glögg, and take home some festive crafts and souvenirs. At night, there’s even the option to take a walking tour by lantern light where you can see the sights and learn about Swedish traditions.

For museums, you must check out the ever-popular Vasa Museum, which houses the world’s best-preserved 17th-century ship. For some great food, go to the Östermalms Saluhall, an indoor food market. And if you’re ready to get out and brave the cold again, take a boat ride or hit up one of the area’s many ski resorts.

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