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Picking The Best Camera For Your 2020 Adventures

Gone are the days when only bloggers and photographers used good cameras and the rest of us relied on our mobile phones. Nowadays, everyone can be found browsing the cameras for sale to capture those special memories.

We all want the same thing: the best camera possible, with the most up to date equipment that will deliver sharp, stunning images. It is that simple. Photography is enjoying a moment thanks to social media and the rise of photoshoots for every occasion from a new baby to marking an engagement.
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So, here are a few tips if you are looking for a good quality camera to record those important memories. Whether you have a big occasion, such as a big family birthday or a wedding next year, a holiday, or you simply want to capture more candid moments amongst your family, here is what to look for in your photography equipment:

First, decide which type of camera you want

Cameras come in so many different forms and sizes. The main thing to consider is what type of photos you are aiming for and how much effort you want to put in to get them.

For example, are you prepared to switch lenses to change the focus and try out different effects? Do you want to learn photography skills along the way? Or, are you hoping for a more simple point and shoot type of camera?

From DSLR cameras to film cameras, instant and mirrorless cameras, there is a wide variety on offer. So, your first task is to research what each of them is and then decide what suits you.
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Think about what you will be using it for

Each family is different. Some like to relax by getting outdoors doing high octane sports and taking adrenaline-pumping action holidays. However, others prefer to stay cozy indoors watching Disney movies and playing board games!

Think about the situations you will be using the camera most of the time and therefore, what you will need from it. For example, you might benefit from an action camera that can get dynamic shots of all of your adventures, if you’re the sporty type.

Consider your budget

Rather than thinking about getting the most expensive camera in the shop because it will make you a better photographer, instead, think about what you want. Look at which features each camera has compared the next one, then think about whether you will use them.

If you are planning to take up photography as a bit of a hobby and learn more about the features as you go, you can see it as an investment buy. It makes it worth looking at cameras with more versatility. However, if you want something simple to use that just has an edge overusing your phone, then you probably don’t need to spend that much on it.

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Weight and fit

Probably the most underrated feature to consider is how much your camera weighs and whether it fits in your hand. If it is heavy and cumbersome, you are less likely to use it, no matter how fancy bells and whistles it is.

However, you will be more inclined to carry it around with you - either at home or on holiday - if it is easier to transport and hold in your hands, while exploring a new place. Therefore, it is worth checking out the dimensions and weight before you buy.

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