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Celebrating Your Mom on her Birthday

A mother is truly an angel on earth, and throughout our lives she’s the one making sure every one of our birthdays is celebrated as it should be. Now that we know how much work goes into motherhood, it’s high time to return the favor and give Mom the birthday celebration she deserves. Use these heartfelt ideas and make her feel amazing on her special day.

A Surprise Knock at the Door

If you live far away from your mom, try your hardest to shock her with a surprise visit. If you’re planning far enough in advance, book a flight or make any necessary travel arrangements. Once you arrive, head over to her house and knock on the door. Tape a bow to the top of your head, and wait for the look on her face when she opens up the front door—you’ll definitely be her favorite present this year. If you have siblings, try to coordinate with them to have your visits coincide. She’ll be so delighted to have all of her kids home at once.

Floral Fun

Who doesn’t love the fragrant scent and colorful vibrancy of beautiful bouquets? Stick with a classic celebration tactic and send along your sweetest sentiments in the form of a birthday flower delivery. Whether you send along an arrangement to her office or her front door, every time she sees the colorful petals she’ll experience a rush of happiness—exactly what Mom deserves on her birthday. Make sure you add a heartfelt note that will bring a happy tear to her eye and let her know how thankful you are to have been blessed with such a wonderful mother.

A Special Lunch Date

If you live in the same city as your mom, make sure you take her out for a surprise luncheon. If she’s still working, head over to her office and pick her up for a fun mother-daughter date. If she’s at home, consider picking something up and delivering it to her. If you’re in another city or you can’t get over in time to celebrate with her during the middle of the day, call in her favorite order to her favorite takeout spot, pay for delivery, and wait for her call of thanks when she finds the feast at her front door.

A Subscription Just for Her

One of the best gift ideas you can find for your mom is a subscription box you know she’ll love. If she’s always been a makeup maven that loves trying out all the new cosmetic releases, get her signed up for BirchBox. This popular service will deliver a box of the latest makeup samples to hit the market every month. If your mom loves to get her hands messy in the kitchen, check out Blue Apron. This organic food delivery system will send boxes filled with fresh ingredients and unique recipes each week to make sure she keeps her spatula skills in fine form.

A Mother-Daughter Pampering Day

Moms new and old can appreciate this awesome gift idea. Kick your feet up together and head to a massage parlor or spa resort to have a day of mother and daughter pampering. Whether you two elect for full body massages, manicures, or facials, treating your mom to some luxury treatments and your loving company will combine for a wonderful birthday treat she’ll truly appreciate. If you have a daughter, take her along as well for a multi-generational day of laughter and destressing.

Giving Back

This a great idea if you’re struggling to come up with a gift for the woman who has everything. If your mother has worked to instill a sense of generosity in you, show her the lessons stuck by donating money to a charity in her honor. Whether it’s a local cause you know she’s passionate about or an organization you know will do a world of good, she will no doubt appreciate your thoughtful gift idea.

Make sure your mom is properly celebrated on her birthday this year with any one of these fun surprise ideas and make sure her day is as special as she is.

A fun Halloween surprise for little Spider-man

We headed out yesterday to the annual Trick-or-Trunk event at Brie's high school for some Halloween fun. We didn't let William know that we were going until about a half hour before. He was so excited! He has been really into Superheros and chose to be Spider-man this year. We think he made a great choice!
 Check out those big muscles!
 Oh and that face!
The surprise element of his Halloween fun is that he was going to see a big Spider-man. Little did he know, big sister Brie was behind that Spidey mask. Brie was there already because she was helping out at one of the cars for the HOPE organization. They collect non-perishable food to donate to the community each year. She walked up to him when we got there and called out his name. William squealed when he saw Spider-man. He stood still when Spider-man knew his name and kept talking to him. After a while he said, "Brie Brie?!?" It was the cutest thing. She pulled up her mask and revealed herself. William was so excited! 
Brie wanted to take William for a stroll. Those two were so cute. William had a blast getting goodies and playing on the inflatables. This is always such a fun and safe way to participate in Halloween.
 William got quite an outstanding haul of candy!

I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween :)
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