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Winter Storm Pax and a little earthquake to shake things up a bit | Winter 2014 in SC

February has been a very, very interesting month. We have lived in South Carolina for over 16 years and have experienced all four seasons, our share of storms and everything in between (so we thought). We had our second snow storm hit this last week which is quite rare for SC. Normally snow for us is maybe an inch or some flurries. Not this time, we had 4 inches of sleet, snow, freezing rain, snow, sleet and more freezing rain, in that order!
I am sure we are being laughed at from the Northerners about our little 4 inches of the frozen stuff. Laugh all you want. This does NOT happen here!
Of course our entire state for the most part was shut down. Everyone was urged to stay indoors for good reason. Our state is not equipped to handle snow and ice. Snow plows and sand/salt trucks are very few and rarely needed. The biggest scare for us was the ice situation. I know that most of the rural areas lost power and had a lot of fallen trees and even structures collapsed. I am so thankful that it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Besides the inconvenience of not being able to leave the house for 3 days, we got through it. I am one of those Southerners who run to the grocery store to stock up on extra items, and for good reason! At least we had a lot of good things to snack on and lots of firewood covered up in tarp out back in the event we had to use it. It's better to be overly prepared in my opinion.
My husband cleaned our cars off before anything else added to what was on there. I watched him push huge sheets of frozen precipitation off. It was amazing! We even had to shovel our front deck and steps. Of course, living in the south, we don't have an actual snow shovel. We used traditional garden shovels and even dust pans. Hey, we had to make do with what we had!
Don't I look like I am floating in this photo? I was standing on top of frozen grass. We had to be careful because it was very slippery. I am not an ice skater, that's for sure! I felt so badly for the neighborhood dogs as they struggled to walk or stand up on the ice.
William wanted to play in the snow, but unfortunately, it wasn't that type of snow. He did enjoy exploring outside and making tracks in the crunchy ground.

We are lucky that the temperatures are rising and everything is melting pretty quickly. Later next week, we are looking at seeing temps in the upper 70's. We thought we were done with the crazy weather until last night. Valentine's night 2014 will never be forgotten. Many of us in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina felt an earthquake for the very first time. Although it was very quick and a 4.4, it was enough to scare us silly. Facebook and Twitter exploded with updates about the earthquake. I know our California friends were amused!

Hopefully the weather will start to improve for everyone. I really feel for my friends living out in states that are getting hit super hard by storm after storm. I can't imagine living in that. What has the weather been like where you live?

Snow/Ice Day #4

So we have been home ALL week. The ice just did not want to let up and our school district is out this Friday and Monday of next week. This makes 10 days in a row out of school! My girls really wished they could have gone back. I think they were losing it by day 2. Thankfully the sun is shining and I suspect I will be hearing a non-stop dripping for most of the day. We plan to get out and do a little bargain shopping and get some fresh air. I don't mind being home most days but when you are confined and can't go anywhere then I get crazy. The part that makes no sense to me is how come I can't seem to get anything done? I do my usual everyday cooking and cleaning, but I really have not been utilizing my free time very well. I am not normally a big TV watcher but that seems to be all I have been doing. I have enjoyed sleeping in a little later though. I guess we will be back to business next Tuesday. The girls will be taking their mid-term/final exams that were originally scheduled for this week. They have been studying together so I feel they should do even better. Poor girls, they miss school and their friends. We will make the most out of the next 5 days.

Has anyone been stuck inside because of the winter weather? How are you holding up?
Shelly, Mom Files

Snow day

School and most businesses were shut down today (and most likely tomorrow) for our city. I know we had snow in the forecast for an inch or two but we ended up with about 6 inches! On top of it we have freezing rain and sleet. Fun. Well I took advantage of the cold day in and baked and cooked up a storm. The girls will have additional time to study for mid-term exams. Dwayne just got plain lucky to get out of going to work.
It's not common to have to shovel snow but we did some of that to be sure that in the event of an emergency we would be able to get our relatively safely. I tell you what, shoveling is some back-breaking work!

Poor Milo is so not liking the snow at all! Dwayne had to walk him in order to get him to "go". He also hates wearing his winter sweater.

Dwayne was clearing our vehicles off and asked me to put these snowballs up in the freezer. I wonder what he plans to do with them?

I know people from the states that are used to snow are laughing at the Southerners right now. Our cities are just not properly equipped for these rare weather occurrences. How about you, did you get any snow or ice?

Shelly, Mom Files

Snow Day 2010

We were so fortunate to get something so rare for South Carolina....SNOW!! 8 inches of it!! This was one for the record books and the talk of the town. We enjoyed every moment of it from beginning to end. The kids have never seen anything over a dusting to about and inch or two so this was a big thing for them. Although William is too young to understand what snow is, it did not stop him for getting in on the fun. I took so many photos and can't post them all so I chose some of my favorites.

Mr. Snowman is reppin' the University of South Carolina :)

Shelly, Mom Files

Snow day but no actual snow

We had yet another day off today from school and work. It was deemed a 'snow day'. We woke up to a light coating of snow all over the cars, trees and rooftops. We were all excited about it and were enjoying watching those gorgeous flakes fall so gently. Fast forward.....2 hours later, it all melted and the we watched the flurries come to a sad halt. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and we enjoyed a free day off to watch the Inauguration together as a family. South Carolina weather, gotta love it! I hope everyone is having a great day and to my Northern friends, bundle up!
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