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Snow day

School and most businesses were shut down today (and most likely tomorrow) for our city. I know we had snow in the forecast for an inch or two but we ended up with about 6 inches! On top of it we have freezing rain and sleet. Fun. Well I took advantage of the cold day in and baked and cooked up a storm. The girls will have additional time to study for mid-term exams. Dwayne just got plain lucky to get out of going to work.
It's not common to have to shovel snow but we did some of that to be sure that in the event of an emergency we would be able to get our relatively safely. I tell you what, shoveling is some back-breaking work!

Poor Milo is so not liking the snow at all! Dwayne had to walk him in order to get him to "go". He also hates wearing his winter sweater.

Dwayne was clearing our vehicles off and asked me to put these snowballs up in the freezer. I wonder what he plans to do with them?

I know people from the states that are used to snow are laughing at the Southerners right now. Our cities are just not properly equipped for these rare weather occurrences. How about you, did you get any snow or ice?

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  1. Wow, I wish businesses would close when we get 6 inches of snow! Your lucky! And yeah I am laughing, we get 1 inch, and everyone around here is like, What?? Is that it?? We wish for 6 inch snow days here in Utah :) Well have fun baking, while I'm working the day away at the office!

  2. Milo is looking mighty dapper in his sweater! Too cute.

    lmaoo @ Dwayne freezing those snowballs. That brings back memories, because we actually used to do that with our dad because in the day. I have no idea what we used them for later, but it was kinda neat having remnants from a blizzard past!

    Gosh, you guys got a nice amount! We're expecting 8-12 this Wednesday. *sigh* Let the shoveling begin!

  3. because = back

  4. We got snow, but it still slick out and they closed most of the schools around here for today. Businesses are running though.

  5. We got our snow last time. This time all we got was ice. It sucks.


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