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What are My Options for Hiring Live Entertainment?

Are you planning an event and considering your options for live entertainment for hire? We have the ultimate list of live entertainment ideas for your next event.

Actors and Actresses
Are you shooting a music video or commercial? By hiring a professional actor or actress, you will add bona fide credibility to your project.

Want to look your absolute best for your event? You could hire a makeup artist to give you a glamorous, Hollywood look. Or perhaps you want a face painter or body painter to come to your event so that everyone can look their best. You could also hire a caricature artist to render funny and unique drawings of your guests.

Photo by Samuel Fyfe on Unsplash

Bands and Ensembles

There's nothing like a live band or ensemble to set the mood for your event. Rock, Country, Jazz, Blues, Reggae, or even a Three String Quartet will deliver entertainment worthy of a concert for your next big bash, or instead, provide a nice, quiet background ambiance for your intimate cocktail party.

Circus Acts
Want to bring some excitement to your event? How about an Aerial Dancer? Or are you looking for something more dramatic? Consider hiring a Flame Dancer or Fire Eater? Or perhaps you'd prefer to add a little whimsy to your event and hire a clown to entertain your guests.

Do you love a good laugh? Laughter is food for the soul. You could hire a comedian for your event and have your guests rolling in the aisles.

Cultural Entertainment
Consider hiring musicians that perform music from all around the world, such as Caribbean, Latin, Spanish Flamenco, Reggae, Steel Drums, and even a Mariachi band.

Want to add a bit of exotic flair to your event? How about Polynesian Dancers, Samba Dancers, Belly Dancers, Hip Hop, and Punjabi folk style Giddhe? Guests would love to get involved and participate in the dances.
Photo by Anuvith Premakumar on Unsplash
Do you want to bring down the house at your next party? Hire a DJ to spin records and keep your guests on the dance floor with all the latest and greatest music available.

Everyone loves celebrities! Make your next party unforgettable with the kings, Elvis and Michael Jackson impersonators. Don't forget the queens, Drag Queens that is. Want something a little more out of this world? Hire Spock! Let your guests hobnob with the rich and famous at your next event.

Bring wonder, excitement, and a bit of wow to your party with a magician. Everybody loves magic tricks.

From solo artists to Big Band players, musicians of all kinds are just waiting to be hired for your next event. Are you having a cocktail party? Hire a Jazz duo. Is it a beach-themed event? Hire a steel drum player. Do you need something more refined? Hire a pianist.

Photo by Matthias Blonski on Unsplash
Photographers and Videographers
Don't let yourself get stuck behind the camera taking pictures or videos, and miss all the fun. Hire professional photographers or videographers to capture those memories so that you can actually enjoy your event.

Speakers and Officiants
Do you need someone to host your event? Consider hiring a speaker or officiant who is well versed in various topics. Hire a professional to educate and entertain your audience.

Specialty Acts
Are you looking for something genuinely different? Something your guests will be talking about long after the party is over? Consider hiring a specialty act such as Belly Dancers, Fire Performers, 80s Tribute Band, or even a Lipstick Reader.

With this list of live entertainers, you can choose the perfect performer for your next event. Make it spectacular!

Unroll The Fun With Welch's Fruit Rolls This Halloween

If you're still not ready for trick-or-treaters or classroom parties, there's still some time left to grab those goodies. Give kids something they will love this Halloween like the new Welch's Fruit Rolls. They are the perfect treat to pass out on Halloween or to trade with friends in the classroom.

Welch's Fruit Rolls come in 3 delicious flavors: Berry, Tropical Punch, and White Grape Strawberry. They come with 6 fruit rolls per box so it's easy to keep an accurate count for how many you need, especially for class parties.

One of my favorite hand-outs to my kids' friends has always been a halloween or fall-themed pencil, erasers, a small bag of pretzels, and a fruit snack pouch, all tucked inside a decorative cellophane bag with a personalized tag saying who it was from. I wish Welch's Fruit Rolls were around when my girls were little. 

Although my girls are adults now, they still love these fruit rolls and have shared with their college classmates and coworkers. It was a big hit and brought out the kid in them all. My son was so excited to share a couple boxes with his best buddy next door as well as some of his friends from karate class. It's amazing how much the little kids' faces would light up over something so small. 

Welch's Fruit Rolls have fruit as their first ingredient, and are only 70 calories per roll. They are also gluten free, 100% DV Vitamin C per serving, excellent source of Vitamins A & E, contain no artificial flavors & colors, and are preservative free. Parents can feel a little better giving these to their children as a lunchbox treat or part of an after school snack. All of the flavors are so good, but the Tropical Punch is the best! Everyone in my family agrees. We all love that they aren't super sweet, but are sweet enough to make you feel like you had a treat. 

Welch's Fruit Rolls are widely available at most grocery stores and big box stores. To find out more about these fruit rolls and other Welch's products, check them out online. Be sure to follow Welch's Fruit Snacks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for yummy updates and to be in the know about their newest products. 

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