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Nursery Design Trends in 2017

If you are expecting a new baby and are currently trying to figure out a nursery theme or even find a starting place, check out the infographic below. It has a lot of great ideas as far as choosing colors and patterns. Get inspired!

Nursery Design Trends for 2017
Nursery Design Trends for 2017 by 76th & Newbury


Not Done This Before? Here's What You Need For Your Baby Nursery

Pregnancy can be the most incredible experience of your life. Or it might be your worst! Either way, you will soon have a beautiful little person to adore and nurture. The nesting phase of pregnancy turns up at different times for everyone. But when you feel that urge to get up and knock together some flat-packed furniture, you’ll know you’re there. So what does a newborn baby actually need for their bedroom or nursery? Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider:

A newborn baby can sleep almost anywhere that is same, warm, and enclosed to prevent falling. Some cultures choose a box like a drawer. Others offer their babies the floor with a cushion nest. You may be rushing out to buy a big cot. Perhaps it converts overtime to become a toddler bed. Consider also getting a Moses basket and a rocking frame. These are really portable so you can move your sleeping baby around the house with you. Best of all, they can be placed next to your bed, so you don’t have to get up to give him a feed in the night.
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All you really need is a wipe-down mat to pop the baby on while you clean him up and dress him again. But after a caesarean or a particularly painful birth, getting down on your knees on the floor is no fun. Instead, try a baby changing station. This is a cabinet on lockable casters that can be moved around the nursery as you need. The top of it is the right size and shape for your changing mat to sit upon. Then you can change your baby without needing to kneel or bend over. Inside the cabinet is ample storage for nappies, sacks, wipes, and powder. 
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Breastfeeding is not easy for you and bubba to master. Nor does it feel natural for many women. The important thing to do is to get yourself comfortable. When your tummy has gone, you’ll find you need to lift the baby up to your chest. And if your baby struggles to feed, you could be there for over an hour seven or eight times a day. You can try a baby sling, or a nursing pillow to leave your arms free for caressing your bubba, or changing the channel on the TV! Make sure you have a comfortable seat. You might enjoy a recliner so you can put your feet up. Why not get a rocker so you can soothe little one to sleep?

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All babies, toddlers, and children need plenty of toys. They help your baby to learn more about taste, touch, smell, sound, and everything else in the world around them. Some will be used as comforters. Others will be used as amusing ways to wind you up! But all of them will be of value to your child’s physical, emotional and mental development. You might start with a comforter teddy bear and a cot mobile.

Having a baby will keep you busy for years. It’s important to get the nursery ready ahead of the birth for your own comfort and peace of mind. Get some help with the heavy bits, though!

Vinyl Wall Art Decals for Nursery - Best Choice for Your Baby’s Room

For a new couple who are well-off, it can be exciting to have a baby. The joy of expecting can be difficult to believe at first but when the realization finally dawns on the mind, there is excitement brimming in the minds of would-be parents. The entire process seems more real once you begin to plan the nursery for your bundle of joy that is soon to arrive. As a new parent, you want to make the room of your kid more special and make it look like a safe haven for your child. Vinyl wall art can make the decoration more beautiful. When you use wall decals for nursery, you can be assured that you are creating a room that can be more inviting for your baby. You can buy from if you want to decorate your children’s room.

Advantages of Using Vinyl Wall Decal for Nursery

You can get a lot of advantages out of using wall stickers for nursery.

1.    Many individuals, especially those without an artistic bent of mind, find it extremely hard to decorate nurseries properly. You can use vinyl wall art to make a perfectly themed decoration for your baby nursery walls and transform the simple room into a fantasy land for your baby. It can be really simple to use this type of instant wall decoration. You do not require any professional assistance for the placement and installation of these stickers. It is very simple to set up and can be performed by any person.

2. As your baby continues to grow up, his or her maturity and interests will obviously change. You can easily customize the walls by removing the old vinyl decals and replacing them with fresh wall decals for nursery. You wall can be a sign of the growth and maturing tastes of your child over the years as they continue to make their journey to adulthood. You can easily peel off these vinyl stickers and change them as your kid grows up. This can make an economical as well as sun decoration for your child’s room. A lot of teenagers do not like to use cartoon characters or alphabets in their rooms. You may easily remove them and stick an inspiration picture or a family photo, whichever is loved by your child.

3. Vinyl wall art can be an excellent way to add flair and color to your nursery. You may select geometric designs, characters from fairy tales or other artistic stuff to express your thoughts and your love for your baby. You can create a nursery wall where you can display the achievements of your child in vinyl lettering as he or she continues to grow up.

4. Decals are available in a variety of shapes and sizes that you can choose from for your nursery. You can create a beautiful summer garden blooming with cute animals, bright flowers and streams to make a personal and warm environment where your baby can live and grow up in. You need to select those decals that you wish to have and peel off their backside to paste them smoothly on the walls of the nursery and provide it with a fun décor.

5. You need to tamper with paints and stencil which need some amount of finesse that you will probably be lacking in. You will not have to worry about any spills or drips and find out that your nursery does not look as bright as it is supposed to be. When you use vinyl wall art, you can get the bright colors that you deserve. You may even take the stickers, which have been designed for your nursery, along with you as you shop for the perfect wall paint that can match the color of your stickers. In case you paste them in a wrong area, you can also easily peel off the backside of the stickers and move them over to the exact spot that they should rest on.

6. The majority of wall stickers for nursery and replaceable and reusable. This means you can easily peel them off and store them for use for the next generation. This can really be the best way to transform the room of an older kid back into a nursery.

Things to Remember While Going for Vinyl Wall Stickers for Nursery

When you are looking for the best wall decals for nursery of your baby, you need to keep a few things in mind.

7. You can select from thousands of designs to customize the wall of your baby nursery in the most apt manner. Wall decals can be availed in a lot of colors that you can choose from to match the paint and overall decoration of your walls. There are many vinyl wall art decoration items available, which include Vinyl Wall Word Art, Vinyl Wall Lettering and of course Vinyl Wall Stickers which are the most common. You may even opt for customization.

8. You may even use your own photos or your family photos for vinyl wall decals. If you show off an enlarged family portrait as a wall decal, it can appear as if it has been painted by a professional artist and hung on the wall as was the custom in the olden days. With wall decals in vinyl, your creative designing options are truly endless.

9. Wall quotes, flowering trees and branches, customized photos, stars, lettering and geometric shapes are some of the more famous types of vinyl wall art. You can browse the online catalogs or directly call up a qualified representative in order to have a discussion about your artistic ideas.

10. Bright shapes and colors on walls can make a warm atmosphere for newborns and also learn to recognize shapes, stars and dots from an early age. It can be a god idea to coordinate dots of varying colors and sizes on the wall that can match floor tiles, crib sheets, furniture and curtains of bright color.

With wall art decals for nursery, you can showcase your creativity and make just the type of growing environment that your kid will love growing up in. It can be fun to use wall decals and you will be surprised at the number of options that you can pick from.

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