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Jun 28, 2011

Teaching geography

Every evening when Dwayne comes home from work he tries to make sure he does something with William. Whether it is reading a couple books, playing outside or just getting on the floor to play with blocks/toys it has become a part of the weekly routine. For the past week they have been putting together a wooden puzzle that is the map of the United States. We recently got this neat puzzle from eBeanstalk called the USA Sound Map Puzzle by Melissa & Doug. Although it is intended for ages 6+ it still seemed like a great way to teach Will about the United States of America. This puzzle is unique since it "talks to you". When you place the state in the correct space on the map it tells you the name of the state as well as the capital city. William's eyes lit up the first time he heard it.

Dwayne and William worked on it together and would complete it about 2 times each evening for the first few days. William has figured out where most of the pieces go on his own. It's amazing how intelligent a young mind can be. Dwayne even commented how much this puzzle has refreshed his memory of what a lot of the capital cities are as well as the exact location of some states you don't think about often. This is such a fun way to teach geography without it feeling like a lesson. I would absolutely recommend this to any parent with preschool aged children. We loved the durable wooden pieces since 3 year old kids can be a bit rough on their toys. This puzzle costs $24.99 but is worth every penny. We do have to store on a high shelf when it is not in use so a certain little boy will not lose any of the states :)

Does your child love to put together puzzles?
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Jun 16, 2011

eBeanstalk makes toy shopping so easy

I have been purchasing toys through eBeanstalk for about 3 years now and I have never been disappointed. We are really big into educational toys for our son. Whether you are looking for gifts for 3 year olds or babies, you will find just the perfect item. I have been looking for something new for William and I am thinking either a puzzle map of the United States or some building toys might be cool. He has really gotten into making castles and houses with anything he can get his little hands on. I also have my eye in this cute Green Toys Tool Set. I can just see William trying to be like his dad! I actually caught him the other day trying to pick up a very heavy hammer. He scared me silly!
The good thing is it is pretty easy to find toys for 3 year olds and as well as children of all ages through eBeanstalk. The website is so user friendly and you can break down toys by age and gender. I purchased William the Band in a Box by Melissa & Doug and he LOVES it so much! eBeanstalk carries a lot of well known brands and Melissa & Doug happens to be one of my favorites. I completely recommend eBeanstalk for your toy shopping needs.

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Apr 28, 2011

eBeanstalk makes toy shopping easy

Sometimes I feel like searching online for toys for my son can be a hassle. Do you go with digital toys, top selling toys for 3 year olds, or just stick to the classics? This is where I refer to eBeanstalk for help. We are really big on learning toys for our son and that is what makes eBeanstalk the perfect place online to shop. They offer so many toys for 3 year old boys as well as toys for 3 year old girls that match your child's developmental needs. You can choose items for specific age groups and gender. We have gotten several wooden toys for our son and he has enjoyed them. The quality is outstanding and I can feel good to hand them down to friends or family with little ones once he has outgrown them.

I was browsing through the eBeanstalk site and I really have my eye on this Band in a Box for my son. The first thing that attracted me was that it is a Melissa and Doug toy (my favorite brand) so I know it will be made to withstand the abuse from a 3 year old boy! If you are looking for toys for 3 year olds like I am (or any age up to 12) then I totally recommend you check out eBeanstalk. They make it so easy for busy parents :-)

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Dec 13, 2010

Ebeanstalk toy review

Have you ever needed to find perfect baby gifts, but weren't quite sure where to look? Search no further. All you have to do is head on over to ebeanstalk and search for toys by age! Ebeanstalk is a website that provides toys for babies and kids of all ages. Child experts hand select only the best learning toys, so not only is it easy to find age appropriate toys, but you can be reassured that they are great for a baby's development too!

I was so happy to receive the adorable Stacking Train by Melissa and Doug from ebeanstalk to test out. This was perfect since William is really into locomotives right now and most especially TRAINS! This toy is made from wood and is very sturdy for my rough toddler. It has brightly colored shapes that are great as a teaching tool and also makes your child use their brain to figure out how to put it together. I can see this train being William's favorite for a while. He walks around saying "play choo-choo train". I am a fan of this toy because I know that the Melissa and Doug brand make durable wooden toys that make your child think. I would recommend toys and games from ebeanstalk any day if you are looking for something fun and will help your child to learn in the process. There are so many choices and the site is so easy to use. Happy toy hunting!

Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for this post, all opinions are mine as always.

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Nov 6, 2010

Buying toys online made easier with Ebeanstalk

Buying toys online can be scary and intimidating since you never know quite what you are going to get. You might wonder, will the toy be fun to play with? What is the quality like? Ebeanstalk wants to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied with all of their toys. Their website is so easy to navigate when shopping for toys. You can shop according to a specific age, gender, category or brand. I am impressed with just how many brands they carry including one of my favorites, Melissa and Doug.

They have moms like me test out their toys to make sure they have the safest baby toys and the most popular kids toys around. They are always looking for more opinions, so head on over to Ebeanstalk and let them know what you think the best learning toys are!

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