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Tide To Go Stain Eraser sure comes in handy!

I received some samples of Tide to Go Stain Erasers a while back to try out. We were heading out to a birthday party last weekend and being the mom I am, I made my little one eat something before we left the house. Of course, it would be 2 minutes before it was time to go when William dropped the last forkful of his lunch on his good shirt. I didn't have much time to iron a new shirt and change him so I remembered I had a Tide to go eraser stashed in my purse.
All I remember is repeating, "Please work, please work, please work!" I opened it up and folded the sides up as directed. As you can see below, I had a bit of an accident because I squeezed too hard and spilled the cleaner down his shirt!  Luckily it worked out just fine. The stain came out and we were out the door, looking sharp!
I gave my husband a couple of these to keep in his wallet for the occasional accidents he has at lunch. I can't tell you how many times he has come home with a stain on his shirt or tie. This is a great item to keep in your purse or wallet especially if you eat on the run.

Product Information: 

Instantly start to remove even tough grease stains while “on the go” with the Tide to Go Stain Eraser, a combination of a powerful cleaning solution that breaks stains down and a micro-fiber pad that lifts and absorbs them.

Available Sizes:
Tide to Go Original 1 ct, 4 ct &16 ct.

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