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#UNJUNK and Have an UNREAL Halloween!

I received some fabulous UNREAL candy to share with friends and family at a house party I was asked to throw. It turned out that only one person could show up because it was a super busy weekend for those I invited. There were so many activities going on in my city ( fall break for college students, The State Fair, fall-related festivals and some had to work) so I decided to take my party to the streets. The streets? Yes, I packed up my candy bags and took them up to my daughters' high school for their annual "Trick or Trunk" event that helps raise funds and collect food to donate to the community.

I figured it was a great way to share the UNREAL candy and talk about it with a lot more people. What is UNREAL candy you ask? It is candy made with only REAL ingredients. Nothing artificial. Check out this video with some famous faces and see for yourself...

The taste? YUM. I. Am. Hooked. I can't believe that UNREAL candies were better than the leading brands. You can taste the ingredients and they were less sugary. My family agreed and prefer them too. I was shocked. Not my sweet candy loving children!!

I went to the high school armed with loads of UNREAL candy bags to hand out. I was a but nervous and was unsure of how well it would go over. Telling a bunch of teenagers and their parents that they should UNJUNK and GETREAL was going to raise some eyebrows. It's Halloween after all!

I chatted with so many people in small groups and they were stunned that candy that is made without fake ingredients can possibly taste good. As I walked around throughout the grounds I kept getting stopped by smiling faces. They were so pleased with how delicious the candy was and wanted to know where to find them. I told them CVS, Staples, Kroger and so many more retailers carry them for the same cost as a traditional candy bar.

My oldest daughter even said that one of the student activities leaders (a teacher) was inquiring about possibly selling UNREAL candy for fundraising! How cool is that? Not a bad idea to swap out the fake, sugary stuff with the real deal at the SAME cost! I am so happy that everyone enjoyed the candy and got to learn about the UNREAL movement. It made me think, shouldn't all candy be real? I sure hope they start making treat sizes for my kids' lunch boxes. They would love that!

Check out UNREAL on the web, Facebook and Twitter. Have you tried UNREAL candy yet? What did you think?

I received free products to share and was compensated for my time. All thoughts/opinions are completely my own.
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Pumpkin patch fun

Look very carefully in this photo and tell me what you notice.*Hint- look what is in his hand?

He just doesn't like looking at the camera.

This was the "punkin" he chose to purchase.

He looks like he is up to no good!

Shelly, Mom Files

Autumn randomness

Wow, I woke up to 49 degrees this morning and it was a welcomed feeling! I love this time of year and really like to wear sweaters and cooler weather attire. I am hoping it will last and not just be a tease and then we go back to highs in the 90's. That would be South Carolina weather for you! I am in the market for an extra large soup pot and if anyone can recommend a place I can get one for a reasonable price that would be great. I want one in stainless steel. I guess October is practically here and I will have to take William up to the pumpkin patch. I know he will really have with it this year since he is walking and very curious. Well, that's all I have for today. Vent day is tomorrow. Be sure to come back!
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