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Grits are... gritty

Growing up in a West Indian home, we ate many interesting things for breakfast. We had everything from sardines, fried eggs, channa (chick peas), toast and sometimes even crepe-like pancakes. Our breakfast food was far from the traditional American fare. When I moved out on my own I learned a lot about American breakfast foods including grits. I had never even heard of grits to say I grew up in the states. My husband grew up on them and it was the daily breakfast staple for him. I remember tasting it for the first time. I was very disgusted and blurted out that "grits are gritty!" Since my husband has grown up eating grits I figured I better learn how to cook them so I did not take away from what he was used to. It took some practice and it turns out that I am an excellent grits cook. I cook them low and slow. Although I am still not a big fan of grits, I will eat them on occasion if I have something yummy to eat along with it. My family loves them and little William recently discovered his love for grits with cheese. I prefer to cook it on the stove-top but since he wants to eat it every day I am going to try him out with the instant kind. Knowing him he will prefer the slow cooked type. My kids are mini food snobs like their mommy :-)

What about you? Did you grow up eating grits? Do you like them?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Being from a West Indian upbringing, I didn't know grits until I was an adult. I do enjoy them occasionally simply with butter. I have a friend who LOVES it with shrimp. Shrimp n' grits!

  2. This is great post for my girl Tanyetta. We love ourselves some grits and cheese. Is it bad that we send each other pictures of our cheese melting on the grits? And Shelly, you can tear down some grits and salmon. Lol

  3. No.
    I had no idea what grits were until I came to America. And when I did try it, yes, yuck, digusting, pheeww!

    I still feel that way about it.
    I think my husband used to have to eat it, but he isn't a fan. lol

    Not sure I want to try these again....we'll see.

  4. Yes. We ate grits in our household. I don't eat them much now. I love them with cheese. I also love them with milk, sugar and butter(no I don't put cheese in when I do this). LOL. I know some folks think sugar in grits is a crime.

    I mostly have grits when I make shrimp and grits. My daughter loves shrimp and grits. I just learned of shrimp and grits a few years ago.

  5. If you cook them slowly with cream and butter they will turn out creamy also you have to be careful of the type you purchase. The finer they are grinded the smoother the texture. Also he is not going to like the instant because they are nasty

  6. I love grits. Especially cheesy grits!! Yum Yum! Thanks for the retweet today!

  7. High Five to Dwayne! You know I was just about the POST the same comment! LOL! My brother forever! I know that's RIGHT!

  8. Please, DO NOT make instant grits for William. Just slow cook a pot and split them into tupperware bowls for the week. Instant Grits!?!!!!!! Please, no!

  9. I was raised on grits. I buy the large bags for my family.. Quaker is the best..My favorite dish is grits served with liver, gravy and onions. Or Salmon and grits.. I really love the yellow grits, I cannot find them here in Central Forida. I agree with the concensus.. Please..please, do not feed that baby instant grits.. They are Horrible

  10. I LOVE grits!!! My family is from South Carolina and I grew up on them too. Unfortunately, DH isnt a fan, and i think he passed those genes on to our boys. Bummer! I hope they learn to love them as they grow older, cuz they are only half New Yorkers, darnit!!! LOL!!

    You are sweet for learning to cook them for Dwayne!

    P.S. I only make the instant kind! LOL #lazymom

    1. OMG, I bought the instant kind and poured boiling water in it and then microwaved it for a minute, slapped some cheese on top and the boy was in heaven! He LOVED it!!

  11. nuts about real grits!! i think my only pregnancy craving was cheese grits. so comforting and so good. my favorite brinner option.

  12. I grew up on little debbie snack cakes. I think it's why I'm not a huge fan of sweets now. I like grits though, but don't eat them very often.

  13. Grits and slab bacon was the norm. Tasted so good, especially on those winter mornings. I eventually developed a love for flavored instant oatmeal, which I found my children to love as well. Frosted Flakes and Raisin Bran were the other breakfast addiction. And butter toast with cinnamon sprinkled. Never really a huge fan of pancakes and waffles. Omelets sufficed.


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