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Our trip to the Magic Kingdom

Last week, the Ismail family packed up the car and headed down to the happiest place on earth...Disney's Magic Kingdom. The drive was great up until we were 8 miles from our destination. We were stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours! Thankfully we had plenty of fuel in the car and made the best out of that time. It was actually fun although I don't necessarily think I would want that to happen very often! We stayed in a nice resort with some family members.  We really loved that we had all the conveniences of home so that we were able to cook family-sized meals which really helped out a lot.

When we were driving to the park we were all so leery of the cloudy sky. There was good reason for all those clouds. More on that later in the post.

Those clouds really had us in a panic.
We took the Ferry boat over to the park since the clouds started to break. Boy was it windy though! We all wore short sleeves. Hey, it's Florida. That's the norm right? 
We wore our "I'm Celebrating!" buttons that we got from the ticket booth just to be festive. 
Of course the teenagers were freaking out over their hair getting wind-blown!I admit I might have secretly been going through that myself!  
William really enjoyed the ferry boat ride and got to throw coins in the water. He was all smiles! Of course he did not cooperate to take photos. The sun started peaking through the clouds and we were all super excited to have some fun. Well, our fun turned into soaking wet fun. Yep, you guessed it. Rain. Not just rain, cold and windy kind of rain. We all looked a hot sloppy mess but put a smile on our faces and kept it moving. I am so happy I packed a back-up outfit for Will so at least he did not have to wear a wet shirt. Man, did it end up getting cold though!

Dwayne kept William since he is not a ride person and I went with the girls and a couple of our cousins. We met up here and there to eat and check on each other. The food was way over-priced and not all that great. You better believe that I made everyone eat every last bite!

Somehow Dwayne and William got to do way more than the rest of us waiting 2 hours to ride Space Mountain (which was totally worth it). They got to get a photo with Mickey and Minnie and our boy William was NOT feeling it! He was so afraid of them I think because they were so big. He looks like he was trying to leap out of Dwayne's arms! 
He did LOVE LOVE LOVE the castle. He is still talking about it and asks if we can go back again. I can't believe that Dwayne actually went on rides with William. I guess Disney really is a magical place after all :) 
Pure happiness :)
He was taking it all in.

We were able to catch a few parades and shows as well as get on some of the rides. Everyone had the best time and we made some great memories. We do plan to return again for sure. I wish I had more photos to share but they did not come out all that great after we got rain soaked! William had the most fun and behaved perfectly. Come to think of it, he did well from start to finish. No complaints, no mischief, no potty accidents, no foolishness. I am the luckiest mom on the planet! 
Now this sight was worth every drop of rain we encountered. I did not even have to edit this photo.  It was very cold at the end of the night but at least we caught the magnificent fireworks display. Truly amazing!! 

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  1. Awww... the rain aside, sounds and looks like you guys had a great time! How fun! Aiden and I went to Disney last year for the first time and we had great memories as well. It's been months and Aiden is STILL talking about it. It really is a magical place. And the parades? Aren't they such fun?!

    So glad you guys had a great time at Magic Kingdom! Happy New Year!

  2. The castle really is magic. LOVE the son and dad photo :) So glad William got to enjoy some rides. I went on some of the kiddie rides while I was there (for research purposes!) and they're fun!

  3. The happiest place on earth! I am so glad you all had a great time!

    The food was overpriced and not that great? Of course because you're a way BETTER cook than all of that stuff!

    I can only imagine the jokes that were being told in the car to pass the time! LOL!

    *** The drive was great up until we were 8 miles from our destination. We were stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours! ***

  4. Love it.

    I am sitting here taking in the pictures and writing and it took me back to a place in time where I lived in Orlando, and literally lived at Disney back in '87.

    You wouldn't believe how many times I've seen little children show resistance towards the Disney characters (and Chuck E. Cheese as well).

    While viewing the pics of the castle I'd recall how magical it really seemed the very first time I'd ever seen.

    For kids and grownups, I must say, Disney is the truth.

  5. beautiful photos...we haven't taken our kids yet, we really need to. Thanks for sharing

  6. Oh my gosh, this looks like such a fun trip!!! Ya'll did so much and had such a full experience - i know the kids will never forget it!!! (Goodness, William looks so tall!!)

  7. I love Disney World. The last time me and my children flew down it was in June a few years ago and I burned standing in long long lines and sitting in the sun to watch shows. I was so into making sure I got photos with every character . . it drove my children crazy. haha
    Glad you all had a great time and you are so right about one thing the food is not great and way too much.


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