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Saying farewell after 34 years

Last year I wrote a post about the cancellation of two ABC Soap Operas, All My Children and One Life To Live. Well AMC has been gone for a few months now and OLTL is due to end this Friday. I know that it is just a show and that life won't end but I feel like a part of my childhood, teenage and adult years are being taken away from me. I have been watching for 34 years of my life! Although the story lines have gotten a bit outlandish, I can't help but tune into SoapNet each night with my daughters to see the goings on in Landview. It has been a fun time for us girls to watch the show and just hang out and spend quality time together.

We planned for the girls' best friend Haley to come over Friday evening to watch the last episode together. We got Haley hooked on OLTL years ago and she has become quite a fan! I will make some nice snacks and grab a box of tissues to partake in the last viewing of the show. My girls requested plenty of chocolate. We are all so sad! I know it sounds silly but I will miss One Life To Live! *sigh*

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Not silly at all! Dude, Vikki and Asa were just EVERYTHING! Remember the Nikki/Vikki period? I was always a bigger OLTL fan than AMC. Llanview over Pine Valley any day! *lol*

  2. I agree, not silly at all! I would feel this exact same way if Days of Our Lives ended. I dont watch it regularly now (and I havent in a while - schedule doesnt permit) BUT it's a show that my mother and grandmother and cousins and aunts all watch, and have been attached to for decades. It represents more than just a soap to me... it's nostalgic and has so much sentimental value attached. So yes, I'd be so sad if it were coming to an end as well.

    I love that you all are getting together to enjoy the finale together! Way to make it memorable and special!

  3. All I know if Mrs. Chancellor and Victor Newman gets the boot, I am going to FALL out and shed a tear. I feel your pain!


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