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I realized that I have barely been posting anything personal here on Momfiles. I have been busy taking care of my family and taking time for the little things. The girls have birthdays coming up this month and we have been very focused on them. Teenagers require so much! I always used to hear when the girls were just born that I should enjoy them while they are young. I did not really get the full understanding of what that meant until they got around 10 and 12. Having little William has given me another opportunity to take even more time to enjoy every single moment.
Every time that William makes me want to yank my hair out I stop and smile. I realize that he won't be 3 for too much longer and I have learned to find something good out of what might have been a bit naughty. He is thriving with his language and still lagging behind with the potty training thing. I have chosen to not stress out over it. I just know that one day he will be his sister's age and I will enjoy all the littlest things NOW. Having babies when you are older really makes you look at things from a much different perspective!

So what has everyone been up to lately?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I had noticed you weren't posting as regularly and definitely missed your daily updates, but I think enjoying each day and living in the moment with family is more important. You are right, these early years pass by way too quickly and we can't get them back. So best to enjoy them now as they happen!

    That picture of William is so cute! He gets more handsome each time I see him!

  2. Hi Shelly!! They grow up too fast and all I can say is the same thing, I have to enjoy my little ones now as well. I can't believe that I'm a mommy of a 16 year old, how time flies.
    All is well with me. I'm blogging and having so much fun. It has been a plus that my babies are getting older because I can build my blog the way I've always wanted too but just didn't have the time.

  3. Busy too! First things first :-)


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