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On the Saturday before Mother's Day I got all my ingredients to bake up some loaves of pound cake for my neighbors. I used a Jacques Pepin recipe so I just knew it would be perfect. William was acting like a donkey that day. I called him into the kitchen and asked him if he wanted to help me bake a cake. He shot around the corner and back with his step stool in hand.

I had all of the ingredients measured out and ready to go. He enjoyed helping to add things and of course to mix them all up. He smiled the whole time. Sometimes during the day I will take the remote control and change the channel from Nick Jr. to the Cooking Channel or Food Network. William loves to watch Aaron McCargo Jr. and Guy Fieri (they are the only manly man chefs my husband approves of). William always yells out "He's cooking yummy food!!"

Although this photo is not all that great, it still warms my heart to know that my kid loves doing things like this with me. Guess what? The cakes came out delicious but sadly you needed a sip of water or milk after each bite. It would make you feel like you were about to choke. I will not be sharing this recipe with anyone! I was so disappointed that it was not what I was expecting. After all the butter and eggs that went into it I surely knew it would be moist. Nope, not this time. I did have fun with my boy and the girls gladly ate the cake. My ingredients and time did not go to waste :)
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  1. Shelly this looks like a photo out of womans day magazine! Precious moments!

  2. So the cake didn't turn out. But, look at the beautiful picture of you and your son and the memories that you created.. that is better then any ole cake can ever be! :)

  3. Are you kidding?? I love the photo!!!!!

  4. Love this picture of William cooking in the kitchen with you! I love to see little boys in the kitchen learning from their moms - I try to include Chase in my cooking when I can, and he loves it as well.

    Omg, I was cracking up at the description of that dry pound cake! Dern, I really thought it was gonna come out delicious and was hoping you had planned to share that recipe!


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