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I am thinking about reusables

William has been potty training for several months now and it has been interesting. He has his good days where he will stay dry all day and even all night. Then he has those days that he just decides he will go in his pants. We have been using Huggies brand Pull-ups training pants. We tried a couple other ones but I like these the best and I find coupons more often for them. I have noticed something odd though. They have the regular ones and the overnight ones. I have found that the overnight ones are a little thicker which makes a lot of sense but they are cut shorter.

The training pants on the left are the regular and the overnight is on the right. If I use the overnight and he has a wet night, he wakes up soaked through to his pajamas. This does not happen when I use the regular ones. That makes no sense at all! I even get a couple less in the overnight pack. I am really thinking about purchasing the reusable trainers since it looks like this little dude will be taking his sweet time. Any suggestions?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I have had both but I am just going to switch to cloth trainers... I found some gerber ones at Target that look like padded underwear and now I am going to do research on some cloth diaper companies that might make them

  2. If I'm not mistaking when I brought the ones for at night they seemed thinner. They're the ones for girls. I haven't brought them again but still can't remember if that was the reason why.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this review/comparison since we haven't yet started pull-ups, and I am totally clueless as to wear to start! This is really helpful.


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