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WTH Wednesday

I bet you are looking at this picture thinking WTH? My husband asked some random lady who owned a few trees that bare this fruit if he could have a few. She told him to take as many as he wanted. He tells her that he used to eat these "Chinese plums" as a kid growing up in Miami. She then tells him that if you drop a seed in the ground it will grow into a plum tree. Why the hell did she tell him that?
Now we have to keep these horrible looking things for him to plant. I am so annoyed because we already have some American plum trees in our yard that are getting ready to removed and now he wants to go plant more? WTH! I wish there was a way I could trash these things! I suggested he plants a couple in a big pot and go from there. I will kick his backside if we end up with a grove of those things! Has anyone even seen these doggone plums before?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. wth moment came when I was cleaning out my garden pots late last week. I didn't dig up any of the plant/vegetable remains at the end of the growing season last year. When I started clearing the crud out, I discovered one of the lettuce plants made it through the winter and was almost at a harvestable stage.

  2. hahaha! i have never seen those plums, but i am cracking up that dwayne and this lady had a whole conversation about it.... and now he's taken some home to plant. it kind of reminds me of jack and the bean stalk, for some reason.

    please take pics of this plum plant/tree as it starts to sprout!

  3. Yes! I have seen them! Our next door neighbor had a tree of them that hung over into our yard. They are NOT tasty at all. They were that one fruit that, even when we were really young, we wouldn't eat. You did bring back some memories for them, though! I don't remember the seeds every growing, so you might be in luck there!

  4. So now you're telling me that if we move to SC we can have our own little fruit grove in our're determined to get me to move out there aren't you? *amusement*


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