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How does this happen?

Yesterday morning I took Brie to the pediatrician for a check-up. I had to take William with me since I have nobody to keep him. I thought it was no big deal. We dropped Brie off to school after the appointment and came home. I noticed over the next couple hours William was pretty quiet and just lounging around. I knew something had to be wrong. By 2:00 he had a 101.4 fever! HUH?? He was just fine and bam! So today his fever is down to 99.4 so I am keeping an eye on him. He has no other symptoms and is in good spirits. I think it might be teething. I am hoping he did not pick up any germs at the doctor's office. He does not get sick so I am so sad :( Thankfully he is his usual sweet self. We shall see...
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  1. Oh man.. I so hate that. I'm sure you'll make him better.

  2. I'm glad his temp is down. Sound like it may be teething. We forget about that since they're getting older. Hope he feels better.

  3. Aww. Poor baby. It's the worst feeling in the world when your kids are not feeling good, no matter how old they are. :( I'm glad he's feeling a little better!

  4. Oooh, poor William - I sure hope he feels back to his old self soon!!! I know mommy is giving him plenty of sweet TLC!


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