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Every morning is always a struggle getting Dwayne out the door for work. The kids are a breeze, they are always prepared to leave on time. Dwayne is a lounger. He wants to chat and chill in the morning. I am the clock watcher and the nag. I am constantly pointing at the clock telling him he needs to leave. The problem is, we are both engaging in conversation and it is so hard to stop. Dwayne is so silly in the morning with all of his corny jokes and foolishness. I can truly say that my weekday morning is never complete without our long "see ya later" kisses and hugs at the front door before he leaves for work. Some mornings he will even call before he gets to the office to tell me he misses me already. He is going to get me for telling his business!! For the record, he is still the manly man he makes himself out to be to everyone but underneath that athletic chest (haha!) is a warm and loving heart. I love that crazy man!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. That's awesome! Enjoy each other!

  2. That is so incredibly sweet!!! You are obviously still so in love with your hubby, even after years of marriage and a few children - I aspire to be like you all one day in my marriage! :-)

  3. Aww. He is a keeper and it's so wonderful that he calls just to say he misses you from work, even after being together for so long. He should be an inspiration for other men out there who have lost their golden heart.

  4. Aw how sweet. I'm like that with my hubby. Have to push him out the door & the bed.

  5. The marriage & resulting family are truly admired.


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