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It's not just a hat

See the hat in the picture? Well it has been in Dwayne's life for about 10+ years now. He LOVES this hat dearly. A friend he used to work with (who is now deceased) in his 911-communications days gave it to him for Christmas. Dwayne used to work the graveyard shift and the center would be freezing due to all the high-tech equipment. So regardless of what it felt like outside, he wore it for 12 hours straight inside the workplace. He loved this hat so much that he would wear it to bed at night during the winter months. Sexy huh?

We were in Walmart together (hat included) about a week and a half ago and when we got back to the house he was frantic. He ran back out the front door and was down in my car, the yard and even his car. He runs back in the house to ask if I had his hat. I told him that I didn't. He freaked out and declared that he has lost his hat. He was thinking he dropped it in Walmart. I asked him if he wanted I would go with him to look for it. He was so sad. He was even teary-eyed. This hat was filled with sentimental memories. We did not return to Walmart that night. He had a mini-memorial via YouTube videos of old songs that reminded him of his dawg that gave him the hat. He said good-bye to his hat.

We went to Walmart a couple nights ago and I suggested we see if there was a lost and found. Indeed there was. Dwayne described his hat and viola, there it was! I think he almost cried tears of joy when he was reunited with his precious and very filthy hat. He was ALL smiles. I was happy for him. We brought it home and I washed it up and made it Downy fresh. He was whole again. He knows he will keep better track of his things. Bless his heart, he's a simple man. Can't be mad at that :)

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. Shelly, now you know this story is to touching. I'm about to jump out my seat when he found it.

  2. Dwayne is gonna get you for telling this story. Now the whole world knows he's nothing but a giant teddy bear.

  3. Aww. that's wonderful that he found it. It's moments like these that show us women that not all guys are jerks. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  4. A man and his hat, that's a tight bond. Glad all ended well.

  5. Love this story! Thanks for following me at Life or Something Like It. Following back!


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