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Bad mom!

I have an awful confession to make. You see the cookies pictured above? Well, they were sort of supposed to be for a school function happening this Saturday as a contribution from me since I can't physically volunteer. I convinced my children that we needed those cookies for ourselves and that I would buy some other cookies to replace them. The kids tried to stop me but I just had to have some!!! Six to be exact! I don't even feel guilty... I had to have something to make me drink milk!!! For the baby of course... Six weeks to go!


  1. you are too funny... and I must say, a very beautiful glowing pregnant girl... I don't remember being anywhere near 'pretty' while pregnant - lucky you.


  2. look at you! glowing and looking very lovely! eat those cookies. you deserve every last one of them. they're for the baby ;)

  3. You look sooo gorgeous, Shelly. You were all belly!!!!


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