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Baby update

I had my doc appointment yesterday afternoon to get an ultrasound. Would you believe the kid is breech?! I would have had to have a c-section regardless of it being what we chose to do anyway. So right now little William's head is near my ribs so this explains the elbowing I feel throughout the day! He looks pretty small but very healthy and strong so we are very happy about that. My best friend is having her baby boy today (after being hospitalized for over 2 months!) I can't wait to see her and the new baby later today. I will post more updates as they come along.


  1. 43 more days to go! woo hoo!

    here's dj's comment- (pointing to your widget)
    --mommy look at that baby in the bubble. see, the baby doesn't grow in a mommy's belly. the baby grows in a bubble. look, look, the baby is turning now.

  2. you're almost there. see how cooperative he is already? he knows your doing a c-section, so he's just helping you feel better about the decision. SUch a good boy!

  3. See! To the nosey person who was up in your business with the V. delivery, in your face!!!!! Ok, I was having a high school moment there. Glad everything is progressing nicely! :)


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