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Baby update

I had another doctor's appointment and all looks great. Little William gained a whopping 1/2 pound in just one week! I am now starting the 5 week countdown. My doc says that baby breathes and moves like a champ. Tell me about it....I was up for about 3 hours waiting for him to calm down so I could sleep. How about Dwayne was next to me snarling away (not snoring) and would periodically ask me what he could do to help me get settled. If only it were that easy! I can't wait to be able to sleep on my back and tummy again!!


  1. Awwwwwww....I know you cannot wait to meet Baby William.

    He is going to be sooooo cute with a head full of hair!

    36 more days--woo hooo!!!!

  2. I do NOT miss those days! honey can I help you get comfy?? no dear, you've done enough all ready, but hey, thanks!!

    told you... you have a non-stop mover... mine like that is running in circles behind me... RIGHT NOW.

    make him stop.

  3. Zoey was a mover and a kicker! I remember being embarassed on several occasions because my big belly was moving all over the place. Either that or I had really bad gas from all the spicy burritos I was eating.

    Just a little over a month and William will be here!!!! Try to take little naps here and there during the day. It'll help some.


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