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Oct 30, 2007

Maternity blues

I went browsing around yesterday looking for some maternity jeans. I learned something...they are the tackiest things I have ever seen! I was getting so frustrated when I realized that no matter what store you go to, they all look the same. Of course when I did actually see something that was not too awful I could not find my size! I have been used to the low-rise jeans and pants for a long time now and it is hard wearing something that comes over my belly. *sigh* When I was pregnant with my girls all I wore were sundresses or overall shorts because I lived in sunny South Florida. We woke up to 36 degrees today so I am gearing toward long pants. I guess I should not complain knowing that my bulkiest days will be in the colder months. I better get used to looking tacky for a while. Okay, I am done feeling sorry for myself now.

Oct 27, 2007

Why do pregnant women glow?

I get told daily that I am "glowing". Makes me wonder if people say that because they mean it or if they think they are supposed to. Don't get me wrong, I do not take it as a bad thing. I decided to do some research and here is what I came up with...

Your skin does take on a glow - and there is a physiological explanation for it. As your blood volume increases throughout your pregnancy, superficial blood vessels carry more blood which can be seen on your face. In addition, your oil glands are secreting more, so you naturally have a glow without any additional exertion.

Hmm, I'm still not sure I buy it, but people have been referring to pregnant woman as glowing for ages. Who am I to argue.

Oct 25, 2007


Hey everyone....
I am seeking some advice today about where to find an item. I am trying to figure out where I can purchase a rocking chair seat/ back cushion. It is a glider style of chair and I can't seem to find just the cushions anywhere! This photo is an example of what I am looking for and it can't cost an arm and a leg! Keep in mind it is for a rocker only, not an ottoman. Also it does not have to be fancy or super plush, just simple and plain. Thanks for any advice anyone can give.

Oct 23, 2007

Boy or Girl???

Tanyetta of Days Like These is sponsoring a gift card giveaway in honor of my 100th post! How cool is that?
All you have to do is guess the gender of my baby. We will find out on November 5th and the winner will be announced and contacted by November 6th.
Is it a BOY or a GIRL?? Your guess could win you a great prize!!! Here is the most recent photo of the belly for those superstitious ones!

This was one of those "Wait! I'm not ready yet!!" kind of photos. LOL!


Oct 13, 2007

100th post!

In honor of my 100th post, let's all eat cake!!

This is my 4 month baby bump shot. I have a little confession to make. The photos above were of me eating cake two separate times! We were at a wedding and Dwayne did not want a slice of cake. I insisted he needed to get a slice anyway. He said "no, I don't want it". I said "yes you do!" He says, "no really, I don't want it". I then said in a demonic sounding voice "GO GET THE CAKE NOW!!!!" I had two slices of cake... for the baby of course~!

Oct 11, 2007

Super Hubby

Hey folks! I know that most of my regular readers know how I feel about my husband most of the time. I usually hear this "How do you deal with him everyday?" or "Wow, you are a good woman" or "Better you than me". Last night he proved that he was not the man everyone thinks he know, the crazy, badly behaved, outrageous, wild child kinda man we are all used to. He was Super Hubby!!! I have been having problems with my washing machine for the past couple months where I was not able to get enough cold water to flow. Eventually it came to a point that the only temperature I could get was BOILING HOT! Of course I could not wash certain things (probably anything) in water that was that hot. It turns out it was a water valve that was the culprit. I had to go to my sister's house to wash a few loads out of desperation. You do not know how significant a household appliance can be until it is down. I know it was just a week but when you have a husband and two kids (equivalent of 4 kids) you can't go that long with out doing laundry. Well, he was able to replace the part and my machine works as if it were brand new. Out of curiosity, I called a repairman to get a price and it was going to be a minimum of $55 to diagnose and about another $90 to fix. The part cost us $25 and I am sure I will pay dearly for the labor~!! So Dwayne, if you are reading, "YOU ARE THE MAN". Oh yeah, and he also replaced my shower curtain, replaced some light bulbs and batteries in the smoke detectors and then asked "What else do you need done?". Pregnancy has been the best thing that happened to me!

Oct 9, 2007

Pregnancy update

Well, so far so good. I have gained a whopping 3 1/2 lbs in 15 weeks! The doctor said I can have my "big ultrasound" on November 5th to determine the sex of the baby. This will be the longest 4 weeks I will ever have to wait! I wish I were like those nice parents that like to be surprised but dammit I'm not... I have to know!!!!!! I still have no feelings deep down inside that give me any inkling of if it is a boy or girl. Now if you leave it up to ALL my friends, family, and even the people that work at Walmart, they all say it is a boy. Well, we shall see. I will let you all know as soon as we find out. I am going to take the girls out of school early that day and the hubby will meet us. We are all so anxious!!!

Oct 8, 2007

Unexpected phone call

This morning I received a phone call from my child's school. Whenever I look at the caller id I sort of go into panic thinking it is the school nurse calling to tell me something happened to my kid. Well, today was very different. The caller was a gentleman (mind you there are only 2 men at the whole school 1. the PE teacher and 2. the Assistant Principal) Turns out it was the Asst Principal, Mr. Brown, calling for the parent or guardian of Briahnna Ismail. I said, "this is Sheliza Ismail, Briahnna's mother". He then tells me he was calling about Briahnna. For one second I got a little nervous thinking "oh no, what could she possibly have done?" He then proceeds to say that it was a "good" call to let me know some positive things Briahnna has been up to. He said that she was displaying 5 life skills simultaneous such as respect, responsibility, organization, and so on...

Her ALERT teacher (talented and gifted program) did a write up on Briahnna stating that her reading level has exceeded expectations. The program requires that each student must complete 8 book responses by the end of the school year. Briahnna had completed 8 book responses by September and has made a goal for herself to have 25 complete book responses for the school year. Go Brie!!!!!

Mr. Brown congratulated me and thanked me for being a great parent by encouraging my child to be the best she can be. I told him that I was so touched to receive such a nice call especially with the busy schedule he keeps. He took the time to call me to tell me something so nice and I expressed my appreciation. He said he felt 10 times better than me because it is a pleasure for him to get to call a parent about something so positive. I am so proud!!! I will have to take Briahnna out for a treat after school today. That's my baby!!!

Oct 2, 2007

Prenatal office visit

I went for an office visit today to see the nurse to do some fun blood work and answer some questions. My appointment was at 10 and I got called back at 10:05. I was asked questions primarily pertaining to my previous pregnancies. I am in the process of deciding whether to have a vaginal delivery or c-section. I had a c-section 11 years ago with my younger child because she was breech. My doctor is a HUGE fan of c-section and does not believe in the vbac. It is ultimately my decision and I am having such a hard time making it. The nurse was sweet and did not advise me on what to do but did lend some helpful information on making the decision. If anyone has experienced being pregnant after 8 years+, and the last one was a c-section, let me know what you did and any advice you can give me I would appreciate it.

After speaking with the nurse, I was led back to the lab room to have 6 vials of blood drawn. I am so glad I am fearful of that because that was a lot at one time! I asked "what all do you screen for". I think I was told about 50 things and can only remember maybe 2! Oh, and I gained one whopping pound in the last 3 1/2 weeks! My appointment was so quick (less than 20 minutes). I remember when I was having my girls, appointments took forever and I would have to have to have my finger pricked so they could test my blood every time. I am glad I do not have to do that! I see the doc on Monday so I will update you all on anything new. I think I will be able to have my BIG ultrasound to determine the sex in less than 6 weeks. I am looking forward to it! I will post when I find out!
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