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Unexpected phone call

This morning I received a phone call from my child's school. Whenever I look at the caller id I sort of go into panic thinking it is the school nurse calling to tell me something happened to my kid. Well, today was very different. The caller was a gentleman (mind you there are only 2 men at the whole school 1. the PE teacher and 2. the Assistant Principal) Turns out it was the Asst Principal, Mr. Brown, calling for the parent or guardian of Briahnna Ismail. I said, "this is Sheliza Ismail, Briahnna's mother". He then tells me he was calling about Briahnna. For one second I got a little nervous thinking "oh no, what could she possibly have done?" He then proceeds to say that it was a "good" call to let me know some positive things Briahnna has been up to. He said that she was displaying 5 life skills simultaneous such as respect, responsibility, organization, and so on...

Her ALERT teacher (talented and gifted program) did a write up on Briahnna stating that her reading level has exceeded expectations. The program requires that each student must complete 8 book responses by the end of the school year. Briahnna had completed 8 book responses by September and has made a goal for herself to have 25 complete book responses for the school year. Go Brie!!!!!

Mr. Brown congratulated me and thanked me for being a great parent by encouraging my child to be the best she can be. I told him that I was so touched to receive such a nice call especially with the busy schedule he keeps. He took the time to call me to tell me something so nice and I expressed my appreciation. He said he felt 10 times better than me because it is a pleasure for him to get to call a parent about something so positive. I am so proud!!! I will have to take Briahnna out for a treat after school today. That's my baby!!!


  1. How wonderful! Go Briahnna! I'm sure you're simply beaming with happiness and pride to get such great news. Yes, do take her out for a special treat. She more than deserves it. :)

  2. Go Brie!!!!!!! You are so smart. You have excellent parents and you are on a perfect journey of excellence. I am very proud of you! Go mom and dad too! Stick out your chest and be proud. And kudos to the school for calling with positive news. :)

  3. Awww congrats!!!! And thank you for signing up under me for cashcrate. Good luck and let me know how it goes. Ohh Congrats goes out to the hubby too for an awesome job on taking care of the washer shower curtain, etc..hehe


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