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Oct 25, 2007


Hey everyone....
I am seeking some advice today about where to find an item. I am trying to figure out where I can purchase a rocking chair seat/ back cushion. It is a glider style of chair and I can't seem to find just the cushions anywhere! This photo is an example of what I am looking for and it can't cost an arm and a leg! Keep in mind it is for a rocker only, not an ottoman. Also it does not have to be fancy or super plush, just simple and plain. Thanks for any advice anyone can give.


  1. You've probably already tried e-bay, huh? How about IKEA? They might have something like that for a lower cost...???

  2. I was thinking Big Lots, as well or maybe Target.

  3. Got me stumped. I had the hardest time trying to find a slipcover for our chase lounge, it seems that many companies only make covers for sofas, so we have to get rid of it!


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