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Maternity blues

I went browsing around yesterday looking for some maternity jeans. I learned something...they are the tackiest things I have ever seen! I was getting so frustrated when I realized that no matter what store you go to, they all look the same. Of course when I did actually see something that was not too awful I could not find my size! I have been used to the low-rise jeans and pants for a long time now and it is hard wearing something that comes over my belly. *sigh* When I was pregnant with my girls all I wore were sundresses or overall shorts because I lived in sunny South Florida. We woke up to 36 degrees today so I am gearing toward long pants. I guess I should not complain knowing that my bulkiest days will be in the colder months. I better get used to looking tacky for a while. Okay, I am done feeling sorry for myself now.


  1. I hated to shop for maternity pants, and once I found something, I used to buy two. Check Ebay, you'll have to pay shipping but sometimes you can find a good deal.

    Enjoy the cool weather, it's still 85 here.

  2. I NEVER wore maternity clothes. I couldn't stand wearing anything over my belly. EVER!

    Motherhood has a really cute selection. Target too.

    Old Navy has a sale on maternity clothes right now too.

    I'm no help because I never wore maternity clothes only because they weren't really appealing to me.

    What if you bought some clothes that were just the next size up OR the jean bands where you leave the pants unbuttoned and this cute little band holds your pants together.

  3. Good maternity pants are hard to find! I think I had three pairs. After a while, I just gave up and started wearing D.'s clothes. :)

  4. I LOVE old navy's maternity jeans. Buy the ones with the band that just hugs the bottom of your belly and doesnt cover it (ICK I couldnt stand anything to touch my stomach when i was pregant) The band will keep your pants up but the jeans look low rise when your wearing them. I actually still sometimes wear my pregancy jeans still.. and that band is FABULOUS when your post partum and everything is all flabby down there .. it helps keep it all in check and puts presure on your stomach which I honestly think felt good. I had a csection and most everything was awful on my stomach afterwards but I could still wear my jeans! I hated the motherhood maternity jeans.. but i do highly recommend their built in bra camis! I still wear those now as Im still not as skiny as I was before and they help hid the flab.

  5. My kids bought me a pair of jeans for my birthday and I LOVE them! They look like regular jeans, low rise and cute! My girls have great taste!


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