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Super Hubby

Hey folks! I know that most of my regular readers know how I feel about my husband most of the time. I usually hear this "How do you deal with him everyday?" or "Wow, you are a good woman" or "Better you than me". Last night he proved that he was not the man everyone thinks he know, the crazy, badly behaved, outrageous, wild child kinda man we are all used to. He was Super Hubby!!! I have been having problems with my washing machine for the past couple months where I was not able to get enough cold water to flow. Eventually it came to a point that the only temperature I could get was BOILING HOT! Of course I could not wash certain things (probably anything) in water that was that hot. It turns out it was a water valve that was the culprit. I had to go to my sister's house to wash a few loads out of desperation. You do not know how significant a household appliance can be until it is down. I know it was just a week but when you have a husband and two kids (equivalent of 4 kids) you can't go that long with out doing laundry. Well, he was able to replace the part and my machine works as if it were brand new. Out of curiosity, I called a repairman to get a price and it was going to be a minimum of $55 to diagnose and about another $90 to fix. The part cost us $25 and I am sure I will pay dearly for the labor~!! So Dwayne, if you are reading, "YOU ARE THE MAN". Oh yeah, and he also replaced my shower curtain, replaced some light bulbs and batteries in the smoke detectors and then asked "What else do you need done?". Pregnancy has been the best thing that happened to me!


  1. Dwayne is such a sweetie! I'm glad he was able to fix the washer and did all that other stuff too. I'm tellin' you, soak it all up while you can! :)

  2. Yeah Dwayne, you're the man!

  3. Now, you know, I'm always saying he's the sweetest husband to you! I know how you put up with him because he's the MAN!!!!!!!

    Even though he cracks me up on that dang on turquoise bike, I know that he worships the group you and his beautiful daughter's walk on.

    His personality is what made you fall in love in the first place. He has a huge heart too. That is so sweet--- MILK it girl, Milk it. He is on a roll :)

    p.s. i'm still laughing over the sneaker deal discount day. LOL

  4. He saved yall a great chunk of change! Dwayne is the man!


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