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Atlanta Fashion Week Presents Exclusive Onalaja Trunk Show: A Fusion of African Heritage and Modern Design

Atlanta Fashion Week (ATLFW) is excited to unveil an exclusive fashion trunk show, presenting Onalaja, the renowned contemporary women's wear brand by Kanyinsola Onalaja, creative director and founder. This prestigious event will take place from May 1st to May 5th at Bloomingdale's Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta, GA. The trunk show will span five (5) days, featuring an exclusive preview in a made-to-order format. This trunk show offers attendees a unique chance to be among the first to access and secure distinctive pieces from Onalaja's latest collection, exclusively available at Bloomingdale's Lenox. Moreover, the event promises a grand re-presentation of Onalaja's celebrated maximalist designs, which have captivated fashion lovers, celebrities, and major retailers worldwide.

The event promises an array of brand activations, including:

May 1, 2024 - Private Meet and Greet with Kanyinsola Onalaja, Creative Director and Founder of Onalaja

May 2, 2024 - Runway Fashion Presentation

May 3 - 5, 2024 - Trunk Show at Bloomingdale's Lenox Square

Renowned for its meticulously crafted demi-couture pieces that empower women, Onalaja seamlessly merges her Nigerian heritage with modern design, celebrating femininity and individuality while transcending cultural boundaries. Committed to inclusivity and accessible luxury, Onalaja offers a diverse size range from XXS to XXXXL, ensuring every woman can indulge in its exquisite designs.

Designer Kanyinsola Onalaja, the creative force behind the brand, brings a rich background born in Nigeria and educated in London. She earned her BA in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni, and won student of the year. Her accolades earned her a scholarship to pursue a master's degree in womenswear design, which she completed in July 2017.

Since the debut of Onalaja in the US, the brand has garnered recognition from NYFW's Black in Fashion Council, and has been featured in Essence Magazine, Vogue, Business of Fashion and many more. Additionally, Onalaja's stunning designs have adorned Chloe Bailey, Kandi, Porsha Williams, and others at various red carpet events. Onalaja's collections are currently available on leading fashion platforms worldwide, including REVOLVE, Saks Fifth Avenue, Jendaya, Zalando, Frtwn, Cult Mia, The Lotte, FarFetch, and Industrie Africa.

“We are thrilled to bring Onalaja's unique blend of African heritage and modern design to Atlanta,” said Kanyinsola Onalaja, Founder and Creative Director of Onalaja. “Our debut trunk-show at Bloomingdale's Lenox Square Mall is an exciting opportunity to connect with a new audience and share our vision of inclusive and accessible luxury.”

“Atlanta Fashion Week (ATLFW) embodies more than just a fashion showcase; it's a vibrant celebration of diversity, innovation, and creativity,” remarked Angela Watts, founder of Atlanta Fashion Week. “Our partnership with Bloomingdale's underscores our shared ethos of championing myriad perspectives and artistic expressions. This commitment to inclusivity resonates powerfully in today's global market, fostering a vital connection between brands and a diverse audience, ensuring relevance and engagement.”

Don't miss the chance to experience the allure of Onalaja's exquisite collections at Bloomingdale's Lenox Square Mall from May 1st to May 5th, 2024. For more information, visit


A little update on our family dog

It has been so long since I posted on the blog about our beloved chihuahua, Rocco. Rocco is 10 year-old now and has been going through some health changes in his older age. A couple years ago he was diagnosed with some heart issues which are very common in his breed. His heart is too big for his little bitty body, so he has to take daily medications for life. It upsets us all knowing he doesn't have many years left, but we try to make him happy as best we can. 

Getting Rocco to take his medication was super easy in the beginning. Just put it in a pill pocket or pill wrap and he woud gobble it down like a treat. One day he got hip to what was going on and started eating the outer wrap around the pill, and would leave the pill behind. We moved on to using cheese, cream cheese and peanut butter. It went well initially, then he figured it out once again. We asked at his vet's office what we can do and they basically said do whatever it takes. 

Last year I was cooking Rocco's food every week for many months because it got to where he lost interest in eating his kibble. One of the vet techs told me to stop cooking and just add some carrots to his food. She looked at it as I was wasting my time. The thing is, I have a lot more time than most people, so it was not a problem for me to do each week. 

I took time on Pinterest and Google to search for dog-safe foods and spices. I do a few variations that include things like brown rice, quinoa, lean ground chicken or turkey, chicken breast, select vegetables, herbs and spices. Too bad salt, pepper, onion and garlic are all toxic, because Rocco would have been pretty excited to eat each day. 


This week I made him some quinoa with lean ground white meat chicken cooked in a tiny bit of coconut oil. It is seasoned with turmeric, and fresh herbs from my garden including sage, basil and dill. I also chopped and boiled a small sweet potato and added in a handful of frozen peas and carrots. I have a tiny mortar and pestle that I used just for his med to grind it down. I add it to his food and he eats it all with no problems. We do slip in some kibble here and there. He also gets his daily probitoc chew which helps with itching and excessive paw licking. 

It's funny when you think about what you feed your pets. It's frowned upon to give table food, but when you purchase clean and organic dog-safe foods, your pet should be just fine. Think about stray dogs and even country dogs. They eat literally anything and everything and some live for many years. We have a family-friend who fed her family's dogs hot dogs every single day. These dogs lived until they were 15! 

It all comes down to doing what is best for your pet's needs. We want to make sure Rocco eats and takes his medications on time each day. We are trying our best. Have you ever cooked homemade food for your dogs? 


Next-Level Therapy: AUVON Recharges Pain Relief

If you are a pain sufferer and need fast relief without the use of medication, then this post is for you. AUVON TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) units are valuable tools for managing pain through a non-invasive and drug-free approach. These devices work by delivering small electrical impulses through electrodes placed on the skin, targeting specific nerve pathways to alleviate pain.

This latest TENS unit from Auvon is so small, and comes with the convenient pouch to take with you to work or while traveling. We always take ours with us when we know we will b driving for a long time. It gives so much relief no matter where you are, right when you need it. 

There are several ways in which AUVON TENS units can be helpful:

  1. Pain Relief: AUVON TENS units can effectively reduce both acute and chronic pain by interrupting the transmission of pain signals to the brain. This can provide immediate relief for conditions such as muscle soreness, arthritis, sciatica, and post-surgery discomfort.
  2. Muscle Relaxation: The electrical stimulation provided by TENS units can help relax tense muscles, reduce muscle spasms, and improve flexibility and range of motion. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals experiencing muscle tension or stiffness due to injury, overuse, or underlying medical conditions.
  3. Increased Circulation: TENS therapy has been shown to promote blood circulation in the treated area, which can help facilitate the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissues, accelerate the healing process, and reduce inflammation.
  4. Non-Addictive Pain Management: Unlike medications such as opioids or NSAIDs, which carry the risk of dependence and side effects, AUVON TENS units offer a safe and non-addictive alternative for managing pain. They can be used as standalone therapy or in conjunction with other pain management techniques for comprehensive relief.
  5. Customizable Treatment: AUVON TENS units typically feature adjustable settings for intensity, frequency, and duration, allowing users to customize their treatment to suit their individual needs and preferences. This flexibility ensures that users can achieve optimal pain relief with minimal discomfort.

Overall, AUVON TENS units are valuable tools for individuals seeking safe, effective, and drug-free pain management solutions. Whether used at home or under the guidance of a healthcare professional, these devices offer a convenient and versatile option for addressing a wide range of painful conditions and improving overall quality of life. 

You can get an extra 5% off when you use the code AUVONMESH at checkout. Thank you so much to the AUVON company for sending a sample unit to us to help facilitate this post. All opinions are my own like always. 

Beauty Must-haves for Spring

As the warmer months approach, it's time to bid farewell to your winter boots and embrace the freedom of summer sandals. However, before you slip into those strappy favorites, it's essential to give your feet the TLC they deserve after being cooped up all winter. After all, there's nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about dry, cracked heels or rough skin when you're flaunting your sandals at the beach or a barbecue.

One secret weapon in your foot care arsenal is Kerasal. This innovative foot care solution is designed to target rough, cracked skin and transform it into smooth, soft feet that are ready to be shown off. With its clinically proven formula, Kerasal exfoliates dead skin cells and deeply moisturizes to reveal healthier-looking feet in just a few applications. Incorporating Kerasal into your foot care routine can make a world of difference, leaving your feet feeling rejuvenated and ready for summer adventures. 

 Kerasal Intensive Foot Repair Ointment offers visible results in just 1 day.  The Intensive Foot Repair ointment loosens hard, dry skin to exfoliate, deeply moisturize and soften severely dry skin & cracked heels.  
 Kerasal Nighttime Intensive Foot Repair Ointment offers the same visible results in just 1 night with Lavender, Chamomile, and Essential Oils and works while you sleep.

  Kerasal Multi-Purpose Nail Repair Patches. These innovative adhesive patches deliver healthy-looking summer nails to consumers who can’t pinpoint their exact nail challenge– be it thickness, ridges, discoloration, brittleness, roughness or gel/acrylic nail damage. Find them here

In addition to using products like Kerasal, there are a few other steps you can take to ensure your feet are sandal-ready. Regular exfoliation with a foot scrub or pumice stone can help slough away dead skin and prevent the buildup of calluses. Hydrating your feet with a rich moisturizer, especially before bed, can also help keep them soft and supple. Don't forget to trim your toenails and give them a fresh coat of polish for that extra touch of summer flair. By giving your feet the attention they deserve, you'll be stepping into summer with confidence and style. Visit the Kerasal store on Amazon for the above mentioned products and more. 

More products to consider for Mons:

After the incredible journey of childbirth, a mother's body undergoes significant changes and can often experience discomfort and soreness in delicate areas. This is where Dermoplast postpartum spray can truly be a lifesaver. Designed specifically to provide relief to the perineal area and other sensitive regions after childbirth, Dermoplast offers a gentle yet effective solution for alleviating pain, itching, and irritation. With its cooling and soothing properties, Dermoplast helps to numb the affected area, providing much-needed relief so that new moms can focus on bonding with their newborn rather than being distracted by discomfort. Easy to use and specially formulated for postpartum care, Dermoplast is a trusted companion for mothers embarking on the beautiful journey of motherhood, offering comfort and reassurance during a time of physical recovery and adjustment.

Dermosplast Postpartum Spray: 
  • Provides Fast Pain Relief, Cools & Comforts
  • Safe for Intimate Areas
  • No Touch Spray for Easy Application
  • 20% Benzocaine & Menthol with Soothing Aloe & Lanolin
Exclusively sold at Walmart

Have you heard about the latest Tiktok beauty trend called Face Blasting? Hop on your app and do a quick search in case you're not familiar. Just as diaper rash ointment is made to soothe a baby's tender bottom, you can use it for your face to help reduce redness and swelling. Who knew?!

Triple Paste Original Diaper Rash Ointment: a pediatrician-recommended diaper rash ointment that features a triple action formula to treat all diaper rashes from mild to severe, soothing baby’s bum, preventing future rashes from occurring. Its gentle yet effective formula combines 12.8% non-nano zinc oxide with nourishing oat extract and glycerin to provide fast-acting relief while forming a protective barrier against future irritations. Available in tubes for diaper changes on the go and jars for home use.

Triple Paste 3X Max Diaper Rash Ointment: a maximum-strength zinc oxide ointment for stubborn and severe diaper rashes, working to prevent, treat, and soothe raw, irritated skin. With 40% zinc oxide, this formulation contains three times more zinc oxide than the original Triple Paste formula to protect and heal severe cases of rash.

Triple Paste Sheer Zinc Diaper Rash Ointment: great for both baby butt cheeks and your face, this multi-purpose ointment is formulated with 12.8% zinc oxide to prevent, treat, and soothe raw, irritated skin caused by mild to moderate diaper rashes. Its creamy texture makes for easier application and less mess, rubbing in clear with minimal residue. It’s also safe to use as a multi-purpose skincare solution on other areas of the body, like for drool rash, heat rash, or dry spots.

Find Triple Paste products here

Thank you for stopping by today. I received products to facilitate this post. Any opinions are 100% my own and affiliate links are included within this post. 

Creating Calm: Practical Strategies for Parenting Highly Sensitive Children Through Emotional Storms

Parenting can be overwhelming, especially when you have a highly sensitive child. These

children are more affected by their surroundings and react strongly to emotional stimuli. This

sensitivity can lead to frequent emotional storms that leave the child and parent exhausted and

frustrated. As a parent, it is important to understand the unique needs of your highly sensitive

child and develop practical strategies to create a calm environment for them. Megghan

Thompson Coaching expert, explores effective techniques to help you navigate the challenges

of raising a highly sensitive child and provide a safe space for them to thrive. 

Understanding Highly Sensitive Children

Highly sensitive children experience the world more intensely and deeply than others. They

possess traits that make them stand out from their peers. These children are often more aware

of their surroundings, have a strong sense of empathy and intuition, and are highly perceptive.

However, these traits can also make them easily overwhelmed in certain situations.

As a parent, it is important to understand that being highly sensitive is not a flaw or weakness.

Instead, it is a personality trait that should be celebrated and embraced. Megghan Thompson

Coaching says that highly sensitive children may require extra support and understanding from

their caregivers, but they also have many strengths and gifts to offer. By understanding the

unique qualities of highly sensitive children, parents can better support and nurture their child's

emotional well-being.

Nurturing a Safe and Supportive Environment

Highly sensitive children thrive in safe and supportive environments. Creating a calm and

predictable atmosphere for your child is important as a parent. This can include setting clear

boundaries, providing routines and structure, and creating opportunities for open

communication. For example, you can establish regular check-ins with your child to discuss

their feelings and concerns. This allows your child to feel heard and understood, which can help

them manage their emotions more effectively.

Another important aspect of creating a safe and supportive environment is being mindful of your

responses as a parent. Highly sensitive children are highly attuned to the emotions of others. It

is important to copy healthy coping mechanisms and practice self-care as a parent. This can

help create a calm and positive atmosphere for your child to thrive in.

Coping with Emotional Overload

Highly sensitive children may experience emotional overload more frequently than their peers.

This can manifest in intense reactions to sensory stimuli. As a parent, you must equip your child

with coping strategies to manage these emotional storms.

One effective strategy is teaching your child deep breathing exercises. This simple technique

can help your child calm down and regulate their emotions. Another helpful tool is creating a

calm-down corner or safe space for your child to retreat to when they feel overwhelmed. This

designated area can be filled with comfort and relaxation items, such as soft blankets, sensory

toys, or calming music.

Dealing with Sensory Overload

Highly sensitive children may have difficulty processing and regulating their sensory

experiences, which can lead to anxiety and physical discomfort. As a parent, it is important to be

aware of your child's sensitivities and accommodate them as much as possible.

One way to support your child with sensory overload is by creating a sensory-friendly

environment at home. This can include using soft lighting, eliminating strong scents, and

minimizing excessive noise. You can also help your child with sensory tools like noise-canceling

headphones or weighted blankets. These tools can help your child feel more in control of their

environment and alleviate overwhelming feelings.

Encouraging Resilience and Confidence

Parents must understand that highly sensitive children are not fragile. These children exhibit

emotions and perceptions that can be powerful assets. Their empathy, creativity, and intuition

can contribute greatly to their personal growth and relationships. As a parent, nurturing

resilience and fostering self-assurance in your child is vital to guiding them toward a balanced

and fulfilling life journey.

One way to do this is by highlighting your child's unique qualities and talents. Let them know

that being highly sensitive is a special trait that can bring many positive opportunities and

experiences. Encourage your child to embrace their sensitivity and use it as a strength rather

than a weakness. Additionally, provide opportunities for your child to engage in activities or

hobbies they are passionate about. This can help boost their confidence and give them a sense

of purpose. By nurturing resilience and confidence in your highly sensitive child, you are setting

them up for success in their personal and professional lives.

Parental Self-Care

Parenting a highly sensitive child can be emotionally draining at times. To support their children

effectively, parents must prioritize their self-care. This includes taking breaks when needed,

seeking support from friends and family, and practicing mindfulness techniques.

Self-care involves setting boundaries. As a parent of a highly sensitive child, it can be tempting

to prioritize your child's needs over your own. However, this can negatively affect your ability to

care for your child. Prioritizing your well-being is important to being the best caregiver for your


Final Thoughts

Highly sensitive children possess unique qualities that make them perceptive and empathetic.

As parents, it is essential to understand and celebrate these traits while providing a safe and

supportive environment for our children to thrive in. By practicing effective coping strategies,

accommodating their sensory needs, nurturing resilience and confidence, and prioritizing self-

care as caregivers, we can help our highly sensitive children navigate the world with confidence

and embrace their sensitivity as a strength. Remember, your child's sensitivity is not a

weakness but a beautiful gift that should be valued and cherished.

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