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Go AWAY Spring!

I know everyone will think I am insane but I feel royally ripped off that winter really never happened this year. I really enjoy chilly days, sipping hot beverages,  wearing boots and sweaters and sitting by the fireplace. We burned one fire this year. One. I feel like I have to refrain from turning on the air conditioner because it is getting too warm in the house. If I open the windows we all start sneezing from all the pollen that is blowing in. I can't win.
I won these super cute boots by Crocs (who knew they made boots?) from Army Wife 101 and I don't think I will get to wear them this year. As a matter of fact I actually purchased some gorgeous black boots and have worn them maybe 3 times so far. I am truly a cold weather lover. I love open-toe shoes but it seems wrong to be wearing flip flops in February. I guess I better not complain. It beats being stuck in winter storms, right? I am so not looking forward to what the summer will be like. It scares me to think how hot it will be. Hopefully before the actual winter season is over we will be lucky enough to get a few cold days.

So what's the winter been like in your city?

Shelly, Mom Files

Reason #582 why I hate spring

Most people want to go into hiding during the winter months. Not me. That's when I am thriving the most and feeling very upbeat and energized. Spring is the worst time of year to me. I have been so sick for over a week now because of the pollen clouds. It's just not right when you see cars driving next to you and it feels like you are driving on a sandy beach. It's just that bad. I wash off our cars each morning and it does not make a difference.

Dwayne's car is black so his looks even worse. I have never wanted to see rain as badly as I do right now. I'm talking 2-3 days non-stop.

On another note, if you are an allergy sufferer I suggest Allegra-D! It has been a lifesaver for me.
Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods?

Shelly, Mom Files
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