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Go AWAY Spring!

I know everyone will think I am insane but I feel royally ripped off that winter really never happened this year. I really enjoy chilly days, sipping hot beverages,  wearing boots and sweaters and sitting by the fireplace. We burned one fire this year. One. I feel like I have to refrain from turning on the air conditioner because it is getting too warm in the house. If I open the windows we all start sneezing from all the pollen that is blowing in. I can't win.
I won these super cute boots by Crocs (who knew they made boots?) from Army Wife 101 and I don't think I will get to wear them this year. As a matter of fact I actually purchased some gorgeous black boots and have worn them maybe 3 times so far. I am truly a cold weather lover. I love open-toe shoes but it seems wrong to be wearing flip flops in February. I guess I better not complain. It beats being stuck in winter storms, right? I am so not looking forward to what the summer will be like. It scares me to think how hot it will be. Hopefully before the actual winter season is over we will be lucky enough to get a few cold days.

So what's the winter been like in your city?

Shelly, Mom Files


  1. I am right there with you! I love cold and winter and I feel ripped off that we didn't get much of anything. Those boots are too cute to sit in the closet! Bah, humbug. I'm also sneezing and feeling miserable from spring arriving. I sure hope summer isn't miserably hot and we are stuck inside a lot. Last summer, I had an itty bitty and it was too hot to take her out for long and those code red air quality days didn't help with my asthma. Please spring and summer, be kind!

  2. Hey Shelly! I admit that I miss the cold too. I came back to the mainland so I can enjoy a nice warm toasty holiday and was sooo disappointed. The boots are so cute enjoy!

  3. I cant believe how winter just passed us by like that!!! How crazy! Unlike you, however, I am thrilled about it! LOL

    Those boots are super cute - too bad you didnt get more wear, what a shame. But dont worry, you'll have them for next year!


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