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WTH? Wednesday | Coffee

Today's gripe is about coffee prices. Let me start out by saying that I am a coffee snob. I only like a couple brands and although I try others for the sake of saving a couple bucks, I end up regretting it. So I stick to my fancy coffee brands. My main coffee that I love comes in bigger bags at Walmart so I go there twice a month for it. It used to be $9.98 then $10.98, $11.98 (last week) and it is now a whopping $13.98!! WTH??!! There is no way I am spending that much. I know that everything has gone up price-wise but this seemed to be a bit too much. I looked around at other brands and I was floored to see even the cheaper ones were very expensive. What to do? Stop drinking it? We tried that before and failed miserably. I spotted an old school favorite that we used to drink exclusively in our Miami days.

Good old fashioned Cafe Bustelo. It was $3.88 a can. Hmm...$13.98 or $3.88? Yeah, Cafe Bustelo won the price battle. I told Dwayne he better get used to a couple espresso shots each morning. When I told him the cost difference he was completely with me. I even broke out my old stove-top espresso pot. Nothing like jet fuel to start your day! Y'all know Dwayne is going to get me for the product advertising!! Shh, don't tell on me! :D

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