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Jul 20, 2011

WTH? Wednesday | Coffee

Today's gripe is about coffee prices. Let me start out by saying that I am a coffee snob. I only like a couple brands and although I try others for the sake of saving a couple bucks, I end up regretting it. So I stick to my fancy coffee brands. My main coffee that I love comes in bigger bags at Walmart so I go there twice a month for it. It used to be $9.98 then $10.98, $11.98 (last week) and it is now a whopping $13.98!! WTH??!! There is no way I am spending that much. I know that everything has gone up price-wise but this seemed to be a bit too much. I looked around at other brands and I was floored to see even the cheaper ones were very expensive. What to do? Stop drinking it? We tried that before and failed miserably. I spotted an old school favorite that we used to drink exclusively in our Miami days.

Good old fashioned Cafe Bustelo. It was $3.88 a can. Hmm...$13.98 or $3.88? Yeah, Cafe Bustelo won the price battle. I told Dwayne he better get used to a couple espresso shots each morning. When I told him the cost difference he was completely with me. I even broke out my old stove-top espresso pot. Nothing like jet fuel to start your day! Y'all know Dwayne is going to get me for the product advertising!! Shh, don't tell on me! :D

If you have any WTH moments please share them in the comments!
Shelly, Mom Files


  1. i like cafe bustelo too but right now i'm drinking starbucks sumatra, mmm

  2. I've never seen that one befor Shelly. I just brought some coffee this morning and went straight for the generic can! Those prices are rediculious! Every now and then I'll try a different brand to see what it taste like.I'm a creamer girl I have to have flavored creamer. I use to be a snob but as long as it taste good after i'm done it's fine. Coffee from home taste so much better than coffee from these high price coffee shops.

  3. I'm sad to report I don't drink coffee, my tummy won't allow it :( But that is a bit outrageous to raise the price $4 in such a short time... these people are making a killing.

  4. $3.88?!! Now that's a good price!
    Aah, I love starting my day with a good cup of coffee! I need to invest in my own coffee maker, shoot. Im tired of paying folks astronomical prices for coffee when I could be making my own.

  5. This is my favorite post of the day. I LOVE COFFEE!! Bostello is my favorite, hands down. That and Illy. I haven't found Bustello in Mexico and just this morning I was sad thinking about it. So I've been spending 18 pesos here and there for a nice cup of Illy. I'm going to wake up one day to find that I've spent all my spending money on coffee. (yikes!)

    But I feel you on the price of coffee. I have a Keurig and although I love it, I went back to Bostello after one box started costing upwards of $12-$15 for 16 or so pods.

    Sorry for long post!
    What coffee do you normally drink?

  6. @Justice Jonesie- I usually buy the Folgers Gourmet Lively Colombian (not the traditional Folgers) or Starbucks House Blend. Looks like Bustelo will have to suffice for a while!

  7. Saw this coffee in Walmart yesterday and was like hey there's the coffee Shelly was talking about! I'd try it but we have some much coffee as it is. I drink as more of a treat. I can't drink it often or I'd be mentally nuts.


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